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Remember when Raven-Symoné said she didn’t want to be labeled as African-American because we are all Americans? One fellow celebrity is in agreement with the former The Cosby Show star. During an interview with Larry King Now, T.I. was asked about Raven-Symoné’s statement, and the Atlanta rapper supported Raven’s statement that labels separate the population.

“I think she has an incredible point,” said Tip. “We are all American. To separate us – I think we need to find more reasons to unify rather than to divide each other.”

T.I. was asked why doesn’t he like the term “African-American.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it. Words to me don’t have much power unless you give them power,” T.I. explained. “African-American is what I was taught to call myself. I consider myself African-American, Black, an American. They’re all categories that we place ourselves in where we see comfort in words.”

Check the video below.

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  • I can see the headlines now of black men and woman loosing their eye sight due to botched surgeries all in the name of European beauty. Sad.

  • If T.I. and Raven don’t want to be pigeonholed into being labeled a “Black American” or “African American” then why don’t they challenge the “default” image of an American being “White”?

    I guess they are not bold enough to challenge white supremacy, but would rather be seen as an “exception” to the rest of the Black Race.

    • IMO, T.I. is now on this ‘new black’ kick due to his artist Iggy. It makes him money to bridge the gap. He wants blacks to accept his Australian white woman as a modern day, southern Black woman from around the way. I’ve heard some of his comments about her not being part of American’s racist legacy because she’s from Australia; I guess he doesn’t know the history of the Aborigines. Or he’s banking on his audience not knowing…

      Ignorance is bliss.

    • MommieDearest


      Now you know that ain’t gonna happen. They are content in their “You’re not like the rest of them” status. For now. *snickers*


      YES! That’s exactly it. T.I. is all about lining his pockets and he will say and do whatever is expedient to meet that goal. I’m interested to see if he will change his tune once the Iggy train stops rolling.

  • privilege of money

    Nothing like advice from a felon who was jailed on weapons charges. Thanks T.I.

  • copelli21

    It’s all fine and dandy until you do something, things go awry and the system reminds you of just how AFRICAN-American you are.

    Enjoy the dream, people.