(Don Cazentre)

(Don Cazentre)

Earlier this week five waitresses took a stand against Danzer’s, a 41-year-old German-American restaurant in Syracuse, NY, after accusing management of racism and other wrong doings. The restaurant was closed Monday, three days after a group of waitresses walked out, citing poor working conditions that included racism and a bug infestation.

The walkout by the five waitresses, reported on Saturday by CNYCentral, shut down the restaurant after lunch Friday. It did reopen Saturday with a short staff, the station reported.

The five waitresses who walked out Friday told CNYCentral reporter Alex Resila that they became fed up with what they said were acts of race and age discrimination by owner Egon Heil.

“He wants you to fire people because they’re black. He wants you to fire people because they’re old. He wants to fire people because they’re fat,” one of the waitresses, Patricia St. Aubin, told CNYCentral.

In addition to this discrimination, the restaurant has been plagued with a bug infestation since mid-summer, the waitresses said.

“You can’t walk into the ladies room without being covered in bugs. They fly in your mouth. I’ve had to void hundreds of dollars in checks,” waitress Brandi Fogle told CNYCentral.

Well it sounds like this place is just plain nasty all around.

The five waitresses told the TV station they plan to talk to a lawyer about possible legal action against Danzer’s.

“None of us can afford to not be working,” St. Aubin told the station. “We feel very strongly about this, that nobody should have to work under these conditions.”

Kudos to these waitresses for taking a stand. It’s hard to leave a job where you are dependent on tips and tipped employees tend to experience more sexual harassment than any other industry.

However, of course the restaurant will move on with or without them. Over the weekend, Danzer’s placed an ad on Craigslist seeking “servers, bartenders, hostess, dishwasher and cooks.”

The ad reads:

“Danzer’s is currently taking applications for all positions. Please stop in and fill out an application. Full and part time hours available.”

Of course people will apply and take the job and ignore the accusations of wrongdoing because people need money. Management’s behavior won’t change if it doesn’t have to so hopefully the waitresses will have some success in the courtroom. It’s always best to hit people where it hurts most, in their pockets.

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