Networks are looking for innovative ways to appeal to a generation dubbed “digital natives.” You know those individuals who were raised during the age of digital technology and therefore spend most of their time streaming their favorite shows versus watching them on that thing known as a TV.

In hopes to charm the pants off the digital savvy individuals, HBO has announced it would start a stand-alone Internet streaming service in the United States and it would not require a subscription to a traditional television service.

Richard Plepler, chief executive of HBO, noted there are at least 10 million homes in America who pay for Internet connection, but not traditional TV programming. This makes the cable network’s new venture an opportunity to appeal to those individuals and remove any barriers so people can have access to HBO.

The Internet streaming service is part of HBO’s parent company Time Warner’s new strategy to increase original programming, develop digital business opportunities, expand internationally as well as minimize costs within Time Warner’s television and film properties, which include HBO, Turner cable networks and Warner Bros. film studios.

HBO plans to debut the streaming service in 2015.

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