Here’s a morning roundup of some news stories you may have missed, but need to know.

A different kind of smashing pumpkins. A riot broke out in New Hampshire town after their annual Keene Pumpkin Festival. It ended with tear gas, street fires and at least one flipped car on Saturday as mobs of college students and young people turned parts of the town of Keene into a free-for-all.

In another state, white people rioted, but this time it was over football. West Virginia football fans pulled down lampposts, started fires and caused several thousand dollars worth of damage after their team beat Baylor in a major upset.

Does the punishment fit the crime? A 20-year-old Cobb County, GA man was sentenced to 20 years, including 12 to serve in prison, for putting a boy in a headlock and stealing his iPod.

Are you a member of LinkedIn?You might want to think twice. A group of plaintiffs in California are suing the site LinkedIn. Why? LinkedIn has special products specifically aimed at helping hiring managers ask former co-workers about you. Their “Trusted Reference” report, available only to paying premium users, compiles a list of job candidate connections, and encourages firms to reach out to potential co-workers via the service’s internal email service. The job candidate has no idea.

People are still talking about Snoop and his “beef” with Iggy Azalea. But this time, Hot 97’s Ebro asks why Black women have a problem with Iggy Azalea. Check the YouTube clip.

African-American ballet dancer Misty Copeland who two years ago became the first African-American in two decades to dance as a soloist for the American Ballet Theatre is bringing a diverse audience to the Lincoln Center to see her performances.

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  • EmilyS

    RE IGGY AZALEA: All the negro males championing Azalea in the comments section of the youtube clip, tho…LOL. I guess they love her as much as they love Macklemore. Lost… They don’t even care how hypocritical they look. They have no shame and no one holds them responsible for anything they do; the second they are taken to task for their nonsense BW start caping for them while BMs cape for the black man’s master. #WhyBlackCommunitiesFail

    Let’s see these same dudes start whining about the New Hampshire Riots and why “the BLACK MAN don’t get ‘no’ breaks”… maybe its cause you have no dignity or sense of self, kid.

    …and I wouldn’t give that Hot 97 youtube any hits… They haven’t been for black people since the 90s. They barely hire them anyway.

    • noirluv45

      EmilyS, I’m going to take your advice and NOT give that stupid ass youtube video any hits. I already expected the Negro men would come out to support Iggy. One thing many of them are good at is supporting White girls/women. I guess they feel it will earn them a crown in heaven.

      SMH and rolling my eyes at their illness.

  • Brad

    What is most interesting to me is that these are college students from a white university…

    My wife got into a debate with a black man the other day who’s daughter goes to Florida State University. He said his daughter complained about how there was too many black people on FAMU’s campus. My wife wearing her FAMU shirt asked him what did that mean being that he her father is black, her mother is black and she is black herself.

    This guy went on to tell me wife that crime is rampant on HBCU campuses and the reason being is that HBCU’s have lowered there standards so low. He said that HBCU’s recruit and accept black students with all kind of criminal records and that is what makes them such dangerous campuses.

    She told him that we get text and email messages anytime any kind of crime happens around FAMU’s campus. That in almost every case it is an incident involving a non student.

    There will always be self hating black folks out there and when they spread this kind of false information it’s a real problem for HBCU recruitment.

    Here is a list of the most dangerous campuses.

    Harvard is number 2 on the list. Also Florida State is way ahead of FAMU on this list.



  • noirluv45

    White folks have been rioting over stupid ish for years. The only thing is when they do their foolishness, it’s not attributed to being “White.” Black people don’t have that advantage. Every negative things we do is about our “Blackness.”

  • Anonin

    Pumpkins wtf? Did Starbucks run out of their pumpkin spiced?