It’s so hard to be a white person in America. Nobody knows the trouble they’ve seen. Well, The Whiteness Project is here to solve that and let America know about their sorrow.

Thus far, The Whiteness Project features twenty-four white Americans from Buffalo, N.Y., who were interviewed in a simplistic, monochromatic video setting where each person is looking into the camera and sharing their tales of woe about their hard, hard experiences as white Americans, especially in comparison to their experiences against Black Americans.

The Root reported:

“I’m not a normal-looking white woman,” one woman said, as she went on to describe how her multiple tattoos and body piercings causes her to experience discrimination and snooty behavior from prejudice people, in the same manner that black Americans experience racial discrimination.

“I’m a tattoo-ed woman […] so you can’t put me in the same boat,” she explained.

“I get discriminated against just as much as a minority does,” she maintained, explaining that although she wasn’t a racial minority, her unique appearance made her a minority.

“A lot of white boys aren’t going to be pushed around,” a middle-aged man said, in reference to how he thinks young white people have become pushovers at allowing black people to make them feel guilty about race and privilege. He went on to say that black people were unfairly getting a lot of the firefighting jobs in Buffalo, even though there were white candidates that scored better than them on the aptitude tests.

Another white man said that he doesn’t think that he has any privileges or benefits from being white. He believes the civil rights movements sort of equalized the playing field between white and black Americans.

“Some black people hold onto […] the slave thing,” he complained.

Another white man describes how he doesn’t feel a common bond with other white people like the camaraderie that is frequently expressed among black people. He does however feel a bond with other Jewish people.

I don’t want to take away from anyone’s personal narrative or experience, but I’m striving to understand the purpose of this project, especially if it just involves white people discussing their feelings about Black people without actually giving them a chance to dialogue with Black people.

White woman with tattoos, you really think you’re discriminated against just as much as people of color? Let’s put you in a room with a few Black men who are stopped and frisked just because of the color of their skin. But who has time for a ‘your blues ain’t like mine’ Olympics? Why does this project seem to be insistent on highlighting white people’s troubles as a way to minimize Black folks?

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning since The Whiteness Project, “is conducting 1,000 interviews with white people from all walks of life and localities in which they are asked about their relationship to, and their understanding of, their own whiteness.”


Visit The Whiteness Project website and check it out yourself.

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