Photo Credit: How He Asked

Photo Credit: How He Asked

Last year a study revealed more than one-third of married couples meet online. The beginning of Kriss and Lauren-Joy love story is no different.

According to HowHeAsked.com, Kriss and Lauren-Joy met on an online dating site and after a few weeks both agreed to go on a first date. Kriss recently proposed to Lauren-Joy in one of the most unconventional ways.

The site states:

“On Monday September 15th, 2014, Kriss surprised Lauren-Joy at work with a town car. She was then driven to her house and given 30 minutes to pack an overnight bag and get ready for a night on the town.

The first stop was the restaurant where they had their first date. Inside were three of Lauren-Joy’s friends to surprise her and calm her nerves! Next stop, a local theater where Kriss invited Lauren-Joy to see a brand new musical. Little did she know it would change their lives forever.

With the help of family and friends, the story of their love was beautifully told through scenes, songs and quotes from the everyday lives of Kriss and Lauren-Joy. In the last act, they were surrounded by family and friends as Kriss got down on one knee and asked Lauren-Joy to be her wife.”

In tears, Lauren-Joy happily accepted the proposal.

 Watch the musical below.

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  • iamnotasian


  • know

    You go girl get your swirl on black women need to date out more…. expand your dating preferences

  • Tira Masu

    I liked the brown boots that first girl was wearing.

    Other than that, it was a touching proposal. I hope they put as much or more effort into the marriage after the wedding.

    PS: my proposal by my husband was pretty spectacular as well. It involved a kite and a beautiful beach (LOL).

  • Maleeka

    Coming out of the closet was difficult to my family and being a black woman made it much harder. Telling my family I was also involved with a white woman really pushed them over the edge, but I found dating outside my race open my eyes and made me see the world differently. I think more of us in the LGBT community should open our minds and hearts to different races.