By now you’ve probably heard that Steve Harvey has started a new online dating site, Delightful. Harvey has said that the site will cater primarily to women, but also to men who are looking to settle down. As an example, advice for the ladies will include “how to become more dateable.” For men, there will be advice and instructions on treating a woman right. Ummm…ok?

I’m not sure why a dating site that’s supposed to help women find a man would mainly cater to women. Like why are women the only ones who need instructions on how to be more “dateable?” How do men learn this? Through osmosis? Oh that’s right they don’t. It’s just assumed that because you’re a man with a job and a car and any other materialistic symbol, then you’re probably dateable enough. You don’t need to change your behavior. Let’s put it all on the woman!

People like to point to statistics and say that the pickings for Black women are slim so they should just lower their standards and stop being picky. Say what? Can we at least have the men who knock on our door and sniff at our dress come with the bare minimum? All mean aren’t dateable just because they’re breathing.

Here are a few things that Steve Harvey could teach men to do when they’re out here in these dating streets.

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