Well, it looks like battered comedian Bill Cosby is just as stumped as we are when it comes to the multiple allegations of rape. While visiting with Weekend Edition host Scott Simon on Saturday to discuss his apparently impressive collection of African art, Simon decided to broach the dreaded issue towards the end of the segment.

To his credit, Simon was sensitive in his approach but that didn’t do very much to encourage Cosby who merely shook his head each time he was queried. When Simon tried to convince the once beloved TV dad that it would be in his best interest to address the accusations in some capacity, he was met with silence and a blank stare.

Clearly Cosby is not equipped to handle these types of situations with guarded finesse – and again…what is up with his PR Team? So far, the repercussions from all the negative hype have cost Cosby his scheduled appearances on The Queen Latifah Show and Late Show with David Letterman.

For over a decade, Cosby has been plagued with rumors of sexual misconduct, but it took Comedian Hannibal Buress’ controversial routine in Philadelphia to give some levity to the allegations.

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  • stephen clarke

    Look i know we as a people or at least some of us turned on him when he became angry uncle old Bill Cosby but is no one at least bothered that he is being convicted without due process. Is this justice in the age of the internet??

    • kj1986nyc

      Yeah these social justice warrior females are a real pain in the behind.

  • Anthony

    As a purely legal matter, saying nothing is the smartest thing he can do. That way, he forces his accusers to put up or shut up. Of course, he looks like he has something to hide, but he may never be able to completely reclaim his old image any way.

    Personally, I give anyone the benefit of doubt, but I am way beyond thinking that a celebrity is the same as his or her image.