Photo of mixed-race couples was included with a school official's offensive tweet (Twitter)

Photo of mixed-race couples was included with a school official’s offensive tweet (Twitter)

The students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia are not happy about a tweet that was posted by a school official on Monday. And to show their displeasure – they walked out of class in defiance – and their reason will not surprise you.

Apparently the controversial tweet seems to imply that white girls dating black guys is a scenario that potentially horrifies every white father. Remarkably the tweet was posted back in June and was only just recently discovered by the students who are clearly outraged by its implications.

WVEC reports that the tweet was issued from an account called @OrNahhTweets and was accompanied by a photo showing white girls all dressed up in their prom dresses being supported by seven African-American young men looking quite dapper in their tuxedos. The damning caption was the only thing that ruined the otherwise fetching image – “every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare or not”.

Students immediately staged a coup and walked out of class armed with protest signs after they realized that school officials were unwilling to take their complaint seriously. One of the students, Michael Lemelle explained the reasoning behind their actions, “This was the only actual way we could get someone’s attention, was to walk outside. It shouldn’t have come to this”. He also emphasized that they didn’t want the official responsible for the offensive tweet to lose his job – but to simply acknowledge how insensitive the tweet was. “Me being a young African-American, I don’t think of myself as anyone’s worst nightmare”.

It is gracious of the students not to demand the resignation of the administrator but it obvious that he overstepped his authority and used bad judgment and for that he should be appropriately penalized – we vote that he gets fired.

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  • mdottwo

    This is a white man’s nightmare. I am a black woman and have always wondered why political manipulators have always encouraged black men to use the “can I marry your white daughter test” to prove they are not racist.

    Why should WASP men alter their genetic legacy; in other words, willingly no longer have a white family tree, just to prove they are not anti-black? That is absolutely too much to ask. But it is the tool of those who want to undermine both black and white cultures. Black people certainly wouldn’t go for those stakes, if association with whites meant black people could no longer be black. Wake up! Guess what group of our best “non-black friends” came up with this culture killing agenda.

    Black people should understand that when a black man produces a child by a white woman, the child is just another classification of being black. But for the white father, his legacy of whiteness is gone forever. I wouldn’t want anybody to redirect my family tree to fulfill some nefarious political correctness objectives by unseen forces who are manipulating the mindset of our youth.

    This ” I got me a white girl” photo is an offense to and an insult to black girls, black mothers and a culture killing affront to African American communities! They didn’t even try to include black girls with white guys for prom dates. The overt willingness of black males of all ages to abandon black girls and women is disgusting. It is an open form of self-loathing that says, “I want a white girl in order to commit genetic suicide; in order that I never put another human being on this earth that looks like me.” This is a flagrant rejection of nappy headed dark skinned self, and all other black people with nappy hair and dark/black skin. What they are essentially being trained to do is to commit their life’s wealth over to white women who are willing to produce half-breed children for them. Then they want their non- black cultural colored progeny to lead indigenous black cultural people!

    White men shouldn’t have to sacrifice their daughters on the alter political correctness via sexual lust. Look closer people, our same “best political friends” have opened up the borders, and are taking resources it has taken black Americans centuries to acquire, and are giving it to non-citizens foreigners who are bringing millions of kids across the boarder to replace our kids in college classrooms, and in the work place. The unemployment rate among teens and young black adults in Chicago is 92%. There are 1,300 black abortions each day six days a week in America. They are killing as many young black men as possible, before they can produce black babies. And this “reject black girls/women” curriculum is rolling out 24/7 to black boys/men.

    Any group of men who degrade, debase, and reject their own women, have targeted themselves for extinction. 97% of children with white mothers, themselves marry white. Within two generations, the black father’s blackness is gone, and his wealth has gone to white America. Some trick.

    While this same type of so-called diversity training is not in place for black girls. White boys are not trained to marry and bequeath their wealth to black women.
    They won’t even put a glamorous black woman in movies with black boys or white boys.

    This “anybody but a black girl/woman” cult among black men means that, black male lifetime work efforts(inheritance) will not go to enrich black women, the black community nor African American culture.

    • vintage3000

      “Any group of men who degrade, debase, and reject their own women, have targeted themselves for extinction. ”

      Applause for everything, esp. this. When the entire world can see that most of the males of a race have no respect for the other gender, it says volumes. Yet many of these simpletons think this is just about Black women being “jealous”, or whatever.

      And re: another issue, now that we see more WW are coming forward to accuse Bill Cosby, it will remind many of these ‘love knows no color’ how quickly one of them can be destroyed when its a ww who claims that she was violated.

    • Sean

      I agree with most of what you say, especially the part about the alarming number of abortions.

  • stephen clarke

    FYI Booker T washington is located in a predominately black neighborhood, directly across the street from HBCU Norfolk state University and is close to 80% black. Meaning ladies the vast majority of the black girls went to prom with black boys. ( full disclosure NSU grad)

    I will put money that the picture wasnt even kids from that school . they are speaking out against someone who should be educating them that see them as a “nightmare” .

    The internet has truly allowed people to use less of their brain

    • Brad

      Nice neck of the woods, I hung out on yall’s campus a while back. That is certainly a black area of town, so I know for a fact that those pics weren’t taken at that school…

    • Brad

      I will say this about the issue now that I know that the school is 80% black and is across the street from Norfolk State(where actor Tim Reid graduated).

      Despite the issue with black girls protesting a negative tweet of a bunch black boys taking some white girls to the Prom.

      The point has to be made, that if this administrator feels that way teaching an over whelmingly black student population. Just how much damage do you think she is doing, to the entire black student population? Just how much good do you think she is doing? Do you think she is pushing academics, or using the resources of Norfolk state to promote education to those black kids.

      She is not pushing those black kids into the Nursing school at Norfolk state. She is not pushing those black kids into the Engineering school there.

      She is a virus to those students, a virus to there education and to that school.

      Despite the appearance of those girls defending something outside of there interest. Trust me, if they are able to get that administrator out of there it will be a good day.

    • Me

      here’s the thing. racists across the country are teaching black students everyday. some of them are known to the public, most of them hide their racism to keep the checks coming. like someone said down thread, if she really poses a threat to the student body, there are proper channels to deal with her. but posting one opinion (with no mention of her doing anything discriminatory before this) is not a march worthy cause. given the context of that opinion, it’s even less march worthy for those black girls. black kids need to be taught to pick their battles. those kids have grades, suspension, and college implications to think about. racist or not, no black girl should be encouraged to risk all of that over an opinion on ir dating. if there’s something else going on with this administrator that has gone unchecked, i’m ready to hear it. but this fight, ignited by this issue, is not the fight for black girls to whet their whistles on. if the black boys in that school were offended enough to wanna defend their image, then so be it. but this ain’t the fight for black girls to jump into. it’s akin to dudes who stick up for their women when someone disrespects them. that may be his woman, but he’s not gonna go playing superman every single time someone rolls their eyes at her. she can handle some of her own battles without expecting him to jump in even if it’s true that whatever affects her indirectly affects him too.

    • Brad

      I would bet anything that a part of the spark that made those students speak out was a history of her doing something at that school.

      She didn’t wake up one morning and say a racist tweet. Oh no she has shown her true colors to them black boys and I promise you them black girls before.

      She’s an assistant principle so I bet her records of suspensions and over the top discipline is a problem and has been one at that school.

      Also don’t for a second think that she treasures the little black girls on that campus. She ain’t thinking they are not someone’s nightmare as we’ll.

      So I get what you saying but, this woman in the past has shown her colors some time on the past.

    • Me

      i don’t assume she cares any more about the black girls than she does about the black boys. but it still doesn’t make this a fight for the girls to jump in. if she does have a history of racism at that school, then that should’ve been the main story, or at least added to the story. not some exposee on a tweet. but nobody in the clip mentioned anything besides escalating this one issue to the point of a walk out. so without that extra info, i still say this was not a fight that those black girls needed to waste their time on.

    • Brad

      It’s a story because of the sensationalism of it all. There are 100’s of racist things that go own in high schools every day by the powers that be.

      In this case she exposed her self and should be taken out.

      Sorry but, I am always finding myself in a fight about my “daughters” or some other black kid by high school administrators just like her. That’s why it is kind of a sore spot with me…

    • vintage3000

      “Also don’t for a second think that she treasures the little black girls on that campus. She ain’t thinking they are not someone’s nightmare as we’ll.”

      And when she makes a derogatory comment about the girls, let’s see how many boys walk out in the name of solidarity.

    • Brad

      I am sure there would be hell to pay as well, if something simular had been sent out for all the world to see about a group of back girls.

      The point to me is not so much about her disparaging these boys who don’t even go to the school. But, that if it was to go unchecked it would embolded her even more.

      if it had been a black male administrator that had disparaging said something about black female students I woud want him disciplined as well.

      From what I have heard she has been put on leave at this point. So she has been disciplined on some level.

    • ALM247

      “….but posting one opinion (with no mention of her doing anything discriminatory before this) is not a march worthy cause. given the context of that opinion…”

      Yes!!! This is exactly what I said in my comment on yesterday.

    • ALM247

      I understand all of that. Walking out is not the answer. This is not some huge civil rights issue. No one is being expelled, shot or beaten due to their race. They should have gone to the school board. The school board is the body with the power to hire and fire school administrators. They are walking out of class and risking their grades over this.

      When they get finished walking out and making grand gestures there will still be people in the U.S. who think like the school administrator does. There is no sense in risking your gpa over someone else’s hatred. Messing up your grades, and folks still don’t like you….Child, please.

  • Bob

    They can protest for this but when young Black males were copying the unconscious Jada after her rape and posting the pictures online they did nothing.

  • Phoenix Ares

    Seeing the black girls “protesting” on their behalf….could have been just to get on TV. Silly still, but if they were protesting for real then they’re just future mules-in-training. You never see the white women (or any other race’s for that matter) coming to the defense of black dudes when something like this goes down. But who charges in like the calvary?

    The largely-ignored black women including these to-be-ignored-in-future black girl women protesting.