Photo of mixed-race couples was included with a school official's offensive tweet (Twitter)

Photo of mixed-race couples was included with a school official’s offensive tweet (Twitter)

The students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia are not happy about a tweet that was posted by a school official on Monday. And to show their displeasure – they walked out of class in defiance – and their reason will not surprise you.

Apparently the controversial tweet seems to imply that white girls dating black guys is a scenario that potentially horrifies every white father. Remarkably the tweet was posted back in June and was only just recently discovered by the students who are clearly outraged by its implications.

WVEC reports that the tweet was issued from an account called @OrNahhTweets and was accompanied by a photo showing white girls all dressed up in their prom dresses being supported by seven African-American young men looking quite dapper in their tuxedos. The damning caption was the only thing that ruined the otherwise fetching image – “every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare or not”.

Students immediately staged a coup and walked out of class armed with protest signs after they realized that school officials were unwilling to take their complaint seriously. One of the students, Michael Lemelle explained the reasoning behind their actions, “This was the only actual way we could get someone’s attention, was to walk outside. It shouldn’t have come to this”. He also emphasized that they didn’t want the official responsible for the offensive tweet to lose his job – but to simply acknowledge how insensitive the tweet was. “Me being a young African-American, I don’t think of myself as anyone’s worst nightmare”.

It is gracious of the students not to demand the resignation of the administrator but it obvious that he overstepped his authority and used bad judgment and for that he should be appropriately penalized – we vote that he gets fired.

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