A Texas teacher who took her Ferguson-related frustration out on Twitter will soon be out of a job. On Tuesday, Duncanville Independent School District suspended English teacher Vinita Hegwood “without pay pending discharge” after she referred to people on social media who criticized her views on Ferguson as “crackers.” Last Friday, Hegwood tweeted, “Who the f— made you dumb duck a– crackers think I give a squat f— about your opinions RE: #Ferguson? Kill yourselves.”

In an official statement, the district announced that it would follow through with the state’s legal protocol to have Hegwood fired by its Board of Trustees:

“Early this morning district officials met with Ms. Hegwood, the teacher who stated reprehensible personal opinions on her personal social media account. The district took swift action and exercised the fullest disciplinary action allowed under district policy. Ms. Hegwood was placed on suspension without pay pending discharge. Under state law, a school district’s Board of Trustees “fires” staff members, and the district will pursue that action with the board soon. In the meantime, the teacher has been placed on suspension without pay pending discharge.

The district wants the community to know that the actions of this one individual does not and should not represent the school district. Every day, two hundred and forty Duncanville High School teachers provide a school environment that fosters academic excellence, good citizenship and respect for others. Teachers give their life’s work to shaping the future, and this one individual does not represent our staff or our district.”

Hegwood’s Twitter has since been deleted, and according to CNN, she also maintained another Twitter account that is now private. Thus far, no one has been able to ascertain exactly what set off Hegwood’s incendiary tweets, although her husband told WFAA news that there is “a lot more” to this story than what has been made public.

As Hip Hop Wired points out, Hegwood faces far stiffer consequences than Cynthia Ramsey, a white North Carolina teacher who told students she would kill all black people if she only had 10 days left to live. Ramsey received a 2-day suspension and was allowed to keep her job. Meanwhile, her case remains under investigation by school officials.

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