Credit: Joell Anderson

Credit: Joell Anderson

Police brutality seems to be a raging theme that has no end date. The latest victim, 37-year-old Tanesha Anderson, died after cops violently slammed her head against the pavement right outside her home.

The incident occurred in front of her family, and her brother confirmed that his sister was pronounced dead at Cleveland Clinic two hours after the unwarranted attack. As he fought back tears, Joell Anderson declared that the Ohio police savagely killed Tanesha in front of him. “They killed my sister, I watched it”.

Apparently suffering from bi-polar tendencies, her family called police to the house – hoping they could help subdue Tanesha, but what transpired next ended up putting their relative in dire circumstances.

A police source explains that once the cops arrived, they regarded the situation as a “disturbing the peace” call and it was immediately agreed that Tanesha needed to be evaluated at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center.

But family members describe a more chaotic scene as Tanesha was forcibly removed from the home and escorted to the police car. Once she was cuffed, things took a turn for the worse as she began to struggle after changing her mind about the evaluation. Sgt. Ali Pillow claims that the police tried to calm her down but she kept her resistance. “The woman began to kick at officers”. “A short time later the woman stopped struggling and appeared to go limp. Officers found a faint pulse on the victim and immediately called EMS.

But Tanesha’s brother insists that the police took advantage of his sister’s condition and helped escalate the situation. Her bipolar disorder and schizophrenia made her mood swings erratic and was most likely the reason why she was freaking out at the backseat of the police car. The tactics they used to keep her line proved to be deadly as they irresponsibly overpowered her and ended up banging her head in the concrete after she let the car.

After it was clear that she had been knocked out, they left her lying there with her sundress above her waist. None of the cops attempted to revive her and Joell was forced to use his jacket to cover his sister’s private parts.

The Cleveland Police Department has launched an investigation but in the meantime none of the officers have been reprimanded for their actions.

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  • Anthony

    RIP Ms. Anderson, and people, do not call the police to handle a mentally family member! The police have proven time and again that they would just as soon kill us as look at us. They do not come to help, they come looking for a reason to arrest, beat, or kill you!

    • constance

      A great lesson for everyone is don’t call the police unless it is a life-threatening emergency, by that I mean a man is in your home with a knife or a gun or you just saw a child get kidnapped. For too often distraught relatives have called the police looking for help to deal with their mentally disabled relatives, only to have the police shoot the person to death. Or in this case pound the person’s head in the pavement.

  • This is a very horrendous situation. Cops are trained on a myriad of situations all of the time. The police can easily call medical experts to assist the Sister. The police treated Ms. Anderson as a murderer and not as a human being going through mental health issues. I believe the brother when he said that his sister was slammed to the ground. Slamming a person to the pavement is one of the harshest pains around. Also, the brother was there to witness the whole incident. People with mental illness constantly have been treated not only disrespectfully, but their needs readily aren’t met by law enforcement.

  • ALM247

    This is awful. It is getting to the point where people are not going to call the police unless it is the last resort.

    This is the core problem with some (not all) police officers. They do not see Black people as fully human, so they refuse to see that this woman could have been mentally ill. Something is going to have to be done about the police response in this country, or we are going to have all out chaos everywhere.

  • This breaks my heart. Aren’t officers trained on how to deal with people suffering from mental illness? I am praying for her family.