So we knew this was coming. After spending the morning being pummeled by social media for his inconceivable interview tactics with Joan Tarshis – the woman accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and raping her, Lemon had no choice but to offer his version of an apology for his appalling behavior.

But the person he should be begging for forgiveness is the woman who was caught off guard by the insinuation that somehow she could have avoided performing oral sex if only she had remembered how handy a full set of teeth could be in those instances.

As usual, Lemon read his apology with very little emotion and even the inclusion that he was also a victim of abuse seemed to be a systematic way to appease those of us who found out his interaction with Tarshis borderline callous.  It is a shame that despite experiencing the brutality of abuse, he was capable of putting someone who might have undergone a similar experience through unwarranted grilling about her lack of self-defense skills.

Nevertheless, he did what he was ordered to do – whether or not he is truly sorry is debatable.

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