Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.23.21 PM A Ferguson corrections officer is the subject of a federal civil rights lawsuit after being accused of raping a pregnant inmate in exchange for her freedom.

The woman, who uses her initials J.W. in the lawsuit, was driving with expired license plates last month when she was pulled over by Ferguson police and then arrested for giving them a fake name. Jaris Hayden, 29, was the officer on duty, and while booking her in jail, he allegedly told the woman “you smell good”.

The St. Louis Dispatch reports that the woman’s boyfriend soon arrived at the jail to begin the process of posting bail. Hayden claimed that the woman had traffic warrants and other outstanding paperwork against her. At this point the woman expressed her desperation to be released – “I will do anything to go home”.

Hayden then coerced the victim to the boiler room where he forced her into oral sex and then eventually intercourse. Afterwards he guided her through an exit that contained no security cameras.

The woman then made her way to a Subway joint across the street and compiled the evidence she would use against Hayden, including pubic hairs that she had secured from their sexual activity. According to the St. Louis Dispatch, DNA testing confirmed the hairs belonged to the officer.

Hayden now faces two counts of sexual misconduct with prisoner, one count of allowing escape, and one count of acceding to corruption by a public servant.

Hayden’s attorney, Scott Rosenblum informed Reuters that his client plans on not pleading guilty to the charges.

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  • kisakisa

    she set him up…

    • Anthony

      If he was willing to risk his freedom and career over a pregnant jailbird, I have no sympathy for him.

      Oh well, we see one more shining example of the justice system in Ferguson and St. Louis County, Missouri.

    • kisakisa

      I agree with you 100%

  • PurpNGold1

    We have a similar case going on in my city where two cops looked out while their buddy took advantage of a woman.

    For many of these cops it isn’t about protecting and serving, but that rush they get from having power over people.

    How many black men are going to stand up for this young woman? Let me guess, just like Janay Rice, they’ll find someway to blame her own abuse on her.

  • This beast should be punish to the fullest extent of the law.

  • ALM247

    Why do the charges seem as if they have been softened? Don’t they usually charge people with aggravated sexual assault? Sexual misconduct sounds a lot less serious than aggravated sexual assault.

    This also brings up another important point that I have stated before. Some people have been calling for more Black cops in towns like Ferguson, but this is an example of what I have been saying. It doesn’t matter about having Black cops if those Black cops are still going to be corrupt and are going to abuse their power.

    We need GOOD cops with INTEGRITY and DECENT SOULS REGARDLESS of their race. Some of these Black cops treat Black citizens just as badly as some of these white cops do.

  • Mary Burrell

    He’s repugnant.