As most of the nation’s population tries to make sense of the decision made by he grand jury to not indict Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, other initiatives are taking root in response to what most consider a grossly unfair ruling.

Protestors are now using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a tool to convince shoppers to ignore the lure of what has become the biggest shopping day of the year. Most Americans look forward to Black Friday because of the tempting deals and assortment of goodies on display. But two hashtags (#BoycottBlackFriday and #BlackoutFriday) have been developed to help dissuade potential shoppers from indulging this year- to send the message of solidarity among those who are strongly against the grand jury’s decision to let Wilson walk.

So far, the hashtags and the concept behind them are gaining an increasing number of supporters, as people are retweeting and sharing on their timelines to help promote the idea of turning against the establishments that are mostly run by wealthy white entrepreneurs. But most importantly it is demonstrative of the break down of race relations that continues to cripple the nation.

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  • John Moore

    The Montgomery bus boycott is what got the Civil Rights movement going. You know, Rosa Parks, siting in the front of the bus. That whole thing RESULTED in an economic BOYCOTT. Stop being dumb, stop complaining, stop rioting and DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE. Just buy food, gas, pay your bills. If something breaks, fix it. But spend nothing else—until MLK day. Then you can spend.

  • John Moore

    The “optics” of an economic boycott Christmas through New Years to MLK day is the perfect scenario, time and moment to do this. The reverence (non-commercial Xmas) of Christianity, the hopefulness of a new year (2015) culminating to action through purpose that Martin Luther King Jr. represents. A boycott on this scale would really be epic. #Economic$hutdown

  • blogdiz

    I once heard a story of a White (Jewish) man when giving a man he was mentoring some business advise indicate that the only purpose black people serve on this earth is to make other people rich
    He was encouraging him to set up business in a black neighborhood and when he got a sufficient start then he could move on . Liquor stores , hair/beauty stores convenience stores check cashing stores Jews Arabs Asians setup in Black communities then move on ….

  • John Moore

    Buy stuff today folks. Go online and buy, got right after dinner tonite, buy-buy-buy. But, after today we boycottin’. Delia, get your juicer TODAY, but boycott, lol.

  • paintgurl40

    I can see what they’re trying to do and I’m all for it. I just think that it should be taken further by not spending this Christmas season. Buy your gifts at a BOB. Support black businesses year round. Not only that but how about something easier to do…we show our own people some love and respect regardless of their class or gender? That’s free.