The video showing Shoshana Roberts, a young Jewish woman, walking the streets of NYC in broad daylight and being pestered by mostly Black and Latino men has so far been viewed by up to 30 million people. Those impressive numbers also revealed the general consensus, which the distributors were not expecting.

It is clear that what was documented was supposed to purposely perpetuate the notion that white women are always at risk of being aggressively harassed by men of color, so therefore they need to be extra careful and measures have to be taken to protect them.

But women of color supposedly don’t have these issues – we are never seen as victims or worth saving. The other component of the video is how white men are mysteriously missing from the lineup of guys giving this poor woman grief. How is it that she walks the streets of The Big Apple and not one single white guy dares to approach her?

The answer lies in the magic of editing. Rob Bliss, the producer of the video admitted on Reddit that they did in fact capture white guys while filming but apparently they were more civil in their method of catcalling and somehow got excluded from the pack of wolves that were ready to devour their subject.

Jezebel recently produced another video in response to the Hollaback version and this time women of color were given the opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns. The overwhelming sentiment was that every woman regardless of race is subjected to some form of catcalling – but whether or not it can be classified as “harassment” is based solely on personal experiences.

Another point that all the women raised was how misleading it is to see only Black and Latino men depicted as vultures while white men are conveniently missing, especially since as one woman notes white guys are usually the culprits when it comes to her experience.

Jezebel’s well-choreographed version of the Hollaback video does a good job of presenting the other side of things and giving black and brown women the forum they deserve to express their personal testimonies. The video is also drawing some criticism from some viewers who feel that even though it was well-intentioned, it seems to be trying too hard to find ways to give white males the same treatment their counterparts suffered.

That might be true, but it also successfully allowed women of color to voice their unprejudiced opinion about the dangers of harassment and how color coding it leads to stereotypical assessments that are more damaging than progressive.

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  • black women just couldn’t wait to get a chance to trap a brother the hold thing was nothing more than a manufactured issue, made up issue and y’all taking it and running with it. I am a respectful man a citizen of the United States with all rights to be who I am I will never give anyone the power to change my character if I speak to you on the streets and you don’t like it cool just don’t acknowledge me and the next time I will not acknowledge you that’s is it, it’s that simple but at the same now don’t come calling me, running to me or jump behind me when the boggy man come cause I got the right not to hear you cause I got the right to not risk myself for someone who is so vial they take offence to my simple greetings a good morning, good afternoon, good evening god bless you etc if y’all got a problem with that y’all got another problem it’s something else you need help.

    • vintage3000

      ” running to me or jump behind me when the boggy man come”

      You sound like the stalker boogeyman your damn self, ain’t nobody running to you for protection.

    • well then don’t cause don’t expect me to protect you when you don’t respect yourself and me!

    • vintage3000

      You can’t even protect yourself, been watching the news lately?

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Protect? Defend? Protect from what? Black women are making this up, we’ve been told as much throughout this thread.

    • vintage3000

      Word. They don’t even know how much they contradict themselves.

      When Carlesha was first located I read the story that somehow linked with facebook comments. The thread was everyone expressing how happy and grateful they were that she was found alive. The ONLY black male who replied in that particular thread claimed she got what she deserved from hanging around thugs. Even the white folks went in on him. And I don’t believe that all Black men are filled with self hatred like this, it’s just they are the only ones shouting from the rooftops how much they disrespect the women in their own race.

    • CourtneyrrR

      Where is Django when you need him? sheesh.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      HA! Good one!

    • Afropunk

      Oh joy, the trueletterson troll is back.

      I love how you only have things to say about certain kinds of articles, and the only kinds of things you have to say about those kinds of articles are to trash black women, with the occasional semi-reasonable comment thrown in there when you are back on your meds.

      Out of curiosity, do you have anything to say about cases like oh, I don’t know, Carlesha Freeland-Gaither? You know, the black woman who was abducted by a black man? Maybe she was oppressing him by not rolling over and letting him do whatever the hell he wanted? Seriously, curious minds would like to know your thoughts.

    • “do you have anything to say about cases like oh, I don’t know, Carlesha Freeland-Gaither?” yep see I am not like you I am not bias I said a number of time I was glade she was found alive and I hope they do him just like he did that 16 year old girl in Charles City VA, dig him a shallow grave and douse him with gas and ask him “how do he want to die” before lighting him up and pushing him in a shallow grave.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      But what if she walked past a guy earlier in the day and didn’t smile back at him? Then the bitch deserved it, right? I mean, that’s only exactly what you have been arguing.

    • come on now lets be serious here, is that what you got from my last comment come on!!!!!!

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      ‘…but at the same now don’t come calling me, running to me or jump behind
      me when the boggy man come cause I got the right not to hear you cause I
      got the right to not risk myself for someone who is so vial they take
      offence to my simple greetings…’

      Yes, I get it. Do you not?

  • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

    Was it ‘made up’ when it was happening to that White woman? I didn’t hear your voice, then. When the White filmmakers edited out all of the harassment perpetrated against that woman by White men, was that not a conscious choice made by White people to push a stereotype that harms Black and Latino men? White people demonized Black and Latino men in that video, but I didn’t hear your voice. The Black women in the second video have gone out of their way to not focus solely on Black men and to inform and remind the public that yes, White men also harass and it’s not accurate or fair to pin all instances of harassment on one culprit. THAT’S when you get mad? In all of this, it was White people who dehumanized and characterized you all as an undifferentiated mass of sexual deviants–that was all on White people, but you’re going to let them off the hook and go after the only people who said that the first film was problematic in its depiction Black men?

    How do you feel when White people dismiss instances of racism even when there’s proof of its existence? And when they go on to accuse Black people of ‘reverse racism’, isn’t it a load? This is the same thing, even if you don’t believe it.

    Now, anyone–any person–who is in a position to help another person (which isn’t always the case), sees fit to play God and takes it upon him or herself to decide who is ‘good enough’ to be safe and who deserves to live or die based solely on what person has done or not done to the ego of the one who can help–THAT’S a boogey man. This is trolling, but that’s your thing.

    • vintage3000

      “it was White people who dehumanized and characterized you all as an undifferentiated mass of sexual deviants”

      Thank you–those males in the video reinforced every birth of a nation fantasy about white women (even an ordinary looking one-sorry but she is) being preyed upon by the darkies, yet somehow it’s the fault of black women that black men are made to look bad. I swear there are some effed up members of the black male species.

    • sam

      “I swear there are some effed up members of the black female species.” would be much more accurate and true description of black feminism and black women who support them.

      It is black feminist who lend their hand to white supremacy as usual. It was black women who started the campaign and racialized it. The racist white feminist just use black women as a cover and a means to an end as usual. It had anti-black men agenda from the beginning.

      Stop trying to denying your culpability and foolishness now.

    • vintage3000

      “It had anti-black men agenda”

      The so-called Black feminist agenda doesn’t have you in the cross hairs of law enforcement agencies all across the country.

      And as Jo Mama Besser pointed out above, the Black women in this video WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY TO DEBUNK THE MYTH OF THE PREDATORY BLACK MALE. Maybe this wasn’t intentional, because they were merely stating that they have been harassed by white men also.

      The fact is that this video was created by white people and stars one of their females and intended to make males who look like you as sexual deviants. And these males complied by gleefully following this white woman, one happily chortling “i just saw a thousand dollars!’,etc. LOL. And I haven’t heard one black male in these convos say a peep about the ‘brother’ who silently followed the white girl for 5 minutes. And no, I don’t believe all Black men behave this ignorant and predatory, But trolls like you should be embarrassed to see so many of your brethren reinforcing your own stereotypes, instead of projecting your insecurities onto women.

      Think about it–two of the biggest news stories in 2 weeks are this video of the darkies following a white woman (cuz that’s really how it’s being framed in mainstream media, don’t fool yourself), and the video of one of your brothers violently abducting a random woman off the street. And your dumb ass is squawking about Black women making you look bad.

      But all you are able to see is your own reflection in the mirror, a desperate excuse for a man who hangs out on a website for women, crying about how much you hate us. There ‘s the door, fool.


    • CourtneyrrR

      Couldn’t of said it better myself. Where are the men defending the young black woman that got abducted on a street corner, denouncing the behavior of that individual who snatched her? After all, it was his own family that stated that, he has an issue with women.

      It seems, so many on this site , who do the same thing, trolling and disrespecting black women are no better.

    • Petty Levert

      Instead of trolling web sites, why don’t you do some soul searching and ask yourself why you hate black women and project your inferiority complex onto them?

  • Mary Burrell

    I didn’t tink she looked that great for all of them to get so worked up about. But i will say i think there was an agenda on the part of the white film maker to depict men of color in a negative light. The poor white woman being preyed upon by the thugs scenario. That was very deliberate.

    • CourtneyrrR

      I agree. On another note, they did not have to participate.And why do we never see video of STRONG ,intelligent black men, denouncing disrespectful behavior that some males think its ok to do?

    • habinerenmei

      Street Harassment has nothing to do with how the woman looks. It’s about power.

  • Eduardo

    That Hollaback video is seriously messed up and has probably done more harm than good. I also subscribe to the idea that it was a deliberate use of stereotypes; no accidents there.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Absolutely. It’s the ‘Where the White women at?’ trope and have no doubt that this first video had a sour intention from the jump. While it’s noble to bring up the problem of street harassment, this video had a beyond obvious confirmation bias agenda and it left such a bad taste in mouth. Every single Black woman to whom I’ve spoken about this feels as you do and the message gets undercut by the machinations of the filmmakers. This is just another example of mainstream feminism ignoring and stepping on the backs of Blacks and it’s been going on since time immemorial.

      What chaps us is that even though there was no trace of Black women in this story (because we’re portrayed as psycho, oversexed, masculine and ignorant hoodrats who aren’t worthy of safety because notions of femininity are White women-centric), to some it’s still OUR fault, as we’re lurking in the shadows and controlling what grown men say and do through witchcraft, or something. Even when we defend them, we’ve been bad. Ignored and vilified, what a pretty pair.

    • joe

      You’re right. The video was created to further demonize black men as sexual predators. It’s the only reason white men were edited out. The goal is to create laws making it illegal for black men to catcall white women.

      Naturally, these anti-catcalling laws will be selectively enforced because you haven’t seen sexual harassment until you’ve seen a young black woman walk past a group of drunk white men.

  • kj1986nyc

    These men constitutional rights trump whatever is between your legs. And don’t you ever forget that!