Photographer Jean-Paul Goode photo of Kim Kardashian recreated his now famous ”Champagne Incident" photo.

Photographer Jean-Paul Goode photo of Kim Kardashian recreated his now famous ”Champagne Incident” photo.

By now Paper Magazine and Kim Kardashian are probably proudly observing the responses to what was supposed to be the post that would #BreaktheInternet. Kim’s much lauded backside presented as a creatively manipulated caricature by a famed photographer who has been down this road before. No, the images that are currently inspiring a plethora of analytical essays are not groundbreaking or innovative. The man behind the lenses – French photographer Jean-Paul Goude captured similar portraits with other models in the past and decided along with Paper Magazine that using Kim K to recreate his blueprint would be an awesome idea, considering her still soaring popularity and immense contribution to pop culture.

There is no doubt that the Reality TV empress is the best choice for this particular project. But there are other serious implications that accompany her ambitious spread. The historical references stem from what the author at The Grio accurately pointed when she described her reaction when she saw the infamous layout. Centuries ago, a Black women named Sarah “Saartijie” Baartman (her last name boasted many variations), spent majority of her life being mocked and subjected to forms of sexual abuse due to her enlarged buttocks. She was known as the Hottentot Venus from Namibia and was forced to parade around as the freak of nature she was deemed to be. Not so funny now – is it? Kim Kardashian’s attempt at something artfully radical is actually a pathetic representation of a time when being a Black woman with an obviously generous derriere was used as a tool to once again downgrade her worth as a human being.

Jean-Paul Goude who also dated and photographed Grace Jones, admitted his fascination with “Black girls” to People Magazine back in 1978. “I had jungle fever”. “Blacks are the premise of my work”. Ironically the original picture that Kim K expertly replicates shows a Black woman standing in front of a blue wall as she balances a glass on her butt while popping a bottle of champagne. Jean-Paul’s apparent “fetish” for black woman has had the potential to slide into muddy waters. He has been vocal about his outrageous treatment of Black women, including referring to his girlfriends as “schizo…outrageous bitches”.  The pictures he took of then girlfriend Grace Jones illustrated his penchant for humiliating his subjects for his pleasure. In one of the shots – she is in a cage, raging like an animal.

This latest reincarnation may be deemed as an innocent collaborative effort, but it should also be recognized as another resurgence of Black women being exploited at the expense of those who either choose to ignore the repercussions or are too jaded to care.

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  • Glowbug21

    Im tired of hearing about her and her attention seeking family. At the end of the day this spread was all about the benjamins for Kim and the photographer; nothing is original or creative anymore. Im also tired of reading articles about how black women have always been built like this and that black women are not being included. Kimk would not have became popular if it wasnt for black people ; this includes black women and men. On 99.9% of the black sites she or someone in her family is a news story, even if a black woman owns the blog site. The best thing to do is to not talk about her at all.

    • Michelle

      I have been wondering about this same thing:
      If a blogger owns a site that is suppose to cater to Black women, why discuss any Kardashian-related matter on the site?

    • blogdiz

      Thank you I rarely ever click or comment on any KKK/Kanye West article as I REALLY wish they would GO away Cuz guess what as long as their articles keep getting clicks/hits they will be published.
      Im beginning to think people kinna just love to hate them .If you really done with them STOP clicking !!!

  • Tanielle

    I am so sick and tired of Clutch and other sites geared toward black women covering this woman hand her family. It’s insulting to black women who have real concerns and few spaces to discuss them. Please stop the foolishness. I guess the black men who feel that white women have replaced black women are correct. Even sites geared toward black women feel that way.

    • vintage3000

      “It’s insulting to black women who have real concerns and few spaces to discuss them.”

      Thank you. I read on another site where Ameena Matthews, the dynamic sister from The Interrupters documentary, is battling cancer with no medical insurance. There is a fund raising campaign basically to save her life. Unless I missed any widespread coverage I have only read about this on more obscure websites. Seems like the general black blogosphere who have platforms are more worried about the trash object of this article, and beyonce selfies in her drawls.

    • “I am so sick and tired of Clutch and other sites geared toward black women covering this woman and her family”

      This deserved repeating.

      Now, from a business perspective I realize that the Kardashians are ‘click-gold’ (for some strange reason) but you have to know your audience. Clutch’s audience is NOT a group where the Kardashians have any relevance. In fact, most of us believe it’s wasted web space. I think more stories should be tailored to the appropriate audience.

  • Anthony

    Except she is about five or six shades lighter, Kim K’s butt looks like my wife’s back when we married, which makes sense since she was Kim K’s age when we married.

    My point is that if she were anything but white, she would be just another sister with a nice butt. The kind of sister that average guys like me marry every day.

  • Khaijg

    While I agree with the author as well as the wonderfully written piece by Blue Telusma on The Grio many may agree that the joke is on her and while I tend to agree, she is literally laughing all the way to the bank on the backs of black women, the men of our culture and other things. No matter how much information is disclosed and knowledge imparted there will always be a significantly higher number of fans who will continue to allow her unlimited fame and fortune for being a complete joke. She causes much more harm and than good and in this country that is and will continue to be a profitable business.