Marissa Alexander the woman who received 20 years in prison for firing what was apparently a warning shot at her husband has been offered a plea deal which she accepted. She was required to plead guilty to three counts of aggravated assault, which would reduce her sentence substantially. She will only have to serve three years.

Due to the fact that she has already served about 1,030 days, she will only have to spend 65 more days before her scheduled release on Jan. 27. But according to First Coast News, Alexander may be forced to accommodate an additional five years in jail because of the second count she pleaded to – it is recognized as an “open plea”.

It’s been four years since Alexander garnered the spotlight for firing at her estranged husband, Rico Gray. Unfortunately despite trying to implement the rights associated with Florida’s ‘Stand your ground law”, because of the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of Gray, her attempts were thwarted.

In 2012, she was eventually found guilty of all three counts levied against her, but the conviction didn’t stick because of an error embedded in the jury literature. Florida State Attorney, Angela Corey was determined to assign a 60-year sentence once the case was re-initiated.

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