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Mia Love will become the first Black Republican Congresswoman in American history after winning a close race in Utah’s 4th Congressional District. Love defeated Democrat Doug Owens after a hard-fought race that saw her campaigning with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, among other things. As the votes came in Tuesday the race was quite close, though Love ultimately pulled away, taking 50% of the votes to Owens’ 46%. Born in Brooklyn to Haitian parents, Love moved to Utah in 1998. She served for six years on the Saratoga Springs city council, then ran successfully for mayor in 2009. Love first rand for Congress in 2012, but lost to Democrat Jim Matheson.

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  • spiderbucket

    Good news ! She is a fresh face and has a lot of energy.

    • shybookworm

      Not so great–she votes against women’s rights and doesn’t believe that sexism and racism can greatly impede the quality of life for many Americans in this country.

  • Mary Burrell

    It helps to be an educated voter and know what the candidate stands for. I don’t know much about her other than that she is Morman and is in an interracial marriage.

    • I do respect how she has great love for her parents, but I can’t ideologically ally with her for numerous reasons.

  • Mary Burrell

    She seems kind of whitewashed to me.

    • Pema

      Black people need to throw that mindset away. There is no one way to be black. I don’t agree with all of her stances but I respect the inroads she has made in a largely white male arena.

    • K.C.

      Who cares? She votes against the interest of women and black women all the time. SO it is not so much she is whitewashed as she is out of touch.

  • K.C.

    I don’t care if she is black or whatever, she votes against the interests of women, poor women, black women all the time. We need to be clear with politicians. Your color is not the first thing we value but your values is what colors our judgment. If you don’t support the fight for women’s rights then I don’t care if you are purple, you are not for me. In fact, I daresay, she is more dangerous than white republicans because at least we know what their angle is. No triumph for us. Bye Mia.