MTV has always been a force in the world of exploratory TV – they virtually initiated the blueprint with the birth of The Real World, and now they are taking their talents in an unexpected direction with a new documentary that is supposed to enlighten viewers about the hardships white people supposedly experience.

The casting call has been issued and it basically encourages anyone between the ages of 16 and 24 who feels they have been treated unfairly, excluded from their community or seen as second-class citizens to step up and be heard.

The documentary is being produced by Punch in the Head Productions, a Brooklyn-based company, and they are hoping to give a different perspective on race relations through the eyes of young white people who have endured racial hardships and have been victimized because of what they represent.


This has also been deemed a collaborative effort between Punch in the Head and Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer-winning journalist who is known for using his journalistic skills to expose topics that tend to remain dormant because of their heightened controversy. His non-profit Define American is also on the lookout for young impressionable Caucasians who feel the weight of the world due to their whiteness. The questionnaire poses options that range from the burden of White privilege to the crippling effects of “looking white”.

It will be interesting to see how the finished product will be received and if it will reveal anything new or informative. Hopefully they are treading lightly with this one.

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  • Let me help them rephrase some of there questions:

    Q: “Is something making you question possible advantages you’ve had as a white person?”
    Rephrase: “Are you in shocked of someone bringing up or calling out your white privilege?”

    Q:”Are you having a problem with race on social media”
    Rephrase: “Do you still find it hard to be a racist coward through trolling even with sitting behind a computer using an anonymous name when spouting out BS that you wouldn’t dare say to a Black person’s face”

    Q:”Are you being discriminated against for being white?”
    Rephrase: “Have you been a victim of “reverse” discrimination or someone playing the “race card” on you?”

    Q:”Are you being made to be politically correct because you’re white.
    Rephrase: “Are you upset because you can’t use the N-word (other racial epithets), make any She-nae-nae jokes, or invoke micro-aggression that other minorities find offensive?”

    Q:”Are you the only white person in your community, school, job,etc?”
    Rephrase: “Are you so poor, that your white privilege couldn’t keep you from having to live and work mostly among blacks, hispanics, etc or having to attend an HBCU just to get a full scholarship?”

    Q: “Is something happening in your life that’s making you think a lot about race or what it means to be white?”
    Rephrase:” Did you miss out on a job, promotion, scholarship, etc. that you thought you were entitled to but didn’t get thanks to affirmative action and some minority (usually Blacks) or minorities who didn’t deserve said benefit?”

    Problem solved. . . . .

    • Jo Ca

      white people produce most of what we term “modern society.” The fact that
      this might be the result of organic factors and not culturally created
      is unspoken as it is politically unacceptable. Yes, black people were dragged here in chains and forced into servitude.
      The “evil white man” bought those black people… from… wait for
      it… other black people! Those ancestral progenitors of the modern
      black man would have been slaves anyway, surprisingly enough.

      This racism crap is really starting to make me sick. Stop waving the
      fucking race card whenever you feel like you’re not out in front of the
      rest of us rats in this race. You can’t coast on your
      great-great-great-grandpappy’s enforced lack of achievement forever.

      Actually, it is behavioral differences between the races that account for the high number of
      in jail. Low-impulse control, An aversion to saving money for the
      future (poor future-time orientation). A toxic level of self-esteem
      (hence, the high frequency of respect killings

      Though certain black individuals can achieve the cultural standards set by whites,
      collectively, blacks have one-standard deviation lower IQ than whites.

    • Speak for yourself. I am like nothing of what you describe and as a troll, it looks like your skirt is showing. . . . and no white people have not produced what can be deemed as “modern society”.

    • eve-audrey

      Why did you even bother replying to that stalker that obviously lives in a parallel universe where what what he/she believes is the truth?

    • Rizzo

      yep, Africans did sell other Africans to whites. in order to “purchase” Africans, whites had to leave home, travel for months in order to “purchase” Africans. why? why in the hell did whites have the overpowering need, the desire to “purchase” Africans — specifically? there were other very viable options available. since those options were not considered, could it have been — racism?

    • eve-audrey

      They are fucking stupid and the worst is they believe they can tell who’s bright or not by their level of melanin. That is the biggest fraud ever.

    • eve-audrey

      I laughed three times:

      1. “Whites produce most of what we term modern society”
      2. “Actually, it is behavioral differences between the races that account for the high numbers of blacks in jail”
      3. “Though certain black individuals can achieve the cultural standards set by whites, collectively, blacks have one-standard deviation lower IQ that whites”

      first, why do people like you think that when you come on a black site without invitation to spit your delusions you are impressing anyone? Second, i have a few whites to send to you so that you can teach them how to achieve the cultural standards set by whites you know… impulse control, saving money, behaving like they are intelligent and all. LOL

      The many black people who are doing just fine aren’t living by cultural standards set by whites because they don’t care. And whites should have stayed at enslaving other whites if that is what their descendants have to say about slavery 150 years later. Now go back to whatever site you came from.

    • Jo Ca

      a simple formula emerges that helps explain the conundrum of blacks: Low Impulse Control + Poor Future Time-Orientation + Low IQ (x) jury
      nullification (black political control) = Blacks in 2014. It’s this formula that helps drive down property values and convince owners of capital to invest elsewhere.It’s this formula that helps explain why “primal anger over dubious acts of disrespect” is unweaving
      the fabric of civilization in Black neighborhoods. “Disrespected” over a guest leaving your cookout early? So you shoot him? This is the
      rational for your typical black homicide.

      When the black proportion of any organized community reaches 10%, said community will experience a disparate proportional decrease in safety and productive economic activity. I now understand that this “disrespect” thing is ubiquitous in the black psyche.

      How it got there is anybody’s guess. Blacks seem to
      fail to grasp that respect is earned and common decency is a door that
      swings both ways. That if you give no common decency why should you
      think that you should get common decency? USA is broke. When EBT fails. watch out!

    • eve-audrey

      I did not bother reading that garbage you wrote just to let you know. White internet gangsters bore me to no end and i just wish one of your kind would dare talking to me like that in real life. I want to laugh at an idiot’s face one in my life.

      Now why won’t you leave this site alone and go where you’ll find like-minded people? No one here will follow you. Pathetic troll.

  • Delia

    No one watches MTV, this is a desperate move for attention. And I mean DESPERATE

  • Khaijg

    Yes, of course. Poor white people.