Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 3.11.32 AMNiecy Nash has never been known to edit her words, and in her latest interview with Playboy, she definitely doesn’t hold back when describing the secret behind her still thriving marriage.

The star of Reno 911 and Clean House makes it clear that giving oral sex every day is the key to keeping your man from drifting away. If of course you fail to meet those requirements, you will be in danger of your marriage dissolving with both parties frustrated and resentful.

Nash borrowed from her book “It’s Hard To Fight Naked”, when she elaborated to Playboy that her mantra is “keep him fed and drained” (Yikes!) because this keeps the possibility of divorce at a safe distance. She goes on to describe men as “profoundly simplistic” while women tend to be more complicated and “nurturers by nature” which explains why we are more “generous” when it comes to giving oral pleasure. Apparently it is in our genetic makeup to be “pleasing by nature”. She acknowledges that men do tend to expect to be “serviced” but it’s up to women to take control and demand their “reward” upfront.

Nash may have a point but something tells us that guaranteeing the success of a marriage isn’t as simple as giving “a BJ” a day but rather a more cohesive existence based on mutual respect and harmony. And even then, circumstances beyond your control can creep in unexpectedly and turn the tables. But we are certainly not knocking the proposed regimen she has in place – but how perfect would it be if that were all took?


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