Amber Vinson, became famous for contracting Ebola while treating Thomas Eric Duncan who will forever be known as the first patient to die of the virus in the United States.

Thankfully, Vinson was able to get treatment in time to save her from suffering the same fate, but as expected the experience irrevocably altered her life. Her illness also forced her to put her wedding plans on hold. Before the Dallas based nurse was diagnosed and during the time of her exposure, she took a trip to Cleveland after she was given clearance from her bosses. While there, she visited Coming Attractions Bridal Salon with her bridesmaids. By that time, she returned to Dallas, the virus was fully blown in her system, and the store was forced to shut down and submit to a quarantine regimen, that according to the owner, Anna Younker, cost her thousand of dollars. Clearly one of those unexpected expenses that sets you back but in the end more than worth the pain.

But the drama doesn’t end there. Now that Vinson is recovered and completely free to continue planning her wedding she is actually ordering Younker to give her refund for the four bridesmaids dresses she purchased. The total bill is $479.89 and her attorney sent a letter to the store requesting that amount back:

“Amber’s Ebola infection brought significant attention to Coming Attractions, not all of it positive. In order to minimize additional public scrutinty, Amber has decided that it would be best if she used another bridal shop for her bridesmaids dresses, and kept it strictly confidential”.

Understandably, Vinson is anxious to move past her ordeal and part of that is to start afresh, but it doesn’t seem fair to punish the store that graciously serviced her and her wedding party after they were forced to fork out expenses as a consequence for being exposed to the virus. Nobody is clearly at fault here but Vinson needs a reality check.  She survived a life threatening disease so in the grand scheme of things – spending time pursuing a monetary issue seems somewhat irrelevant.


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  • Mary Burrell

    I am not sure what to think about this.

  • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

    Maybe people should find out how ebola is actually spread before they start in with the smear campaign. If people are peeing themselves-level desperate to worry about something, it makes more sense to worry about the flu. This storm of misplaced concern is, ‘You get AIDS from touching hands’ degrees of stupid and now stores are losing money for no reason and we’re tarnishing the reputations of people who did what we couldn’t or wouldn’t do. This woman is not Typhoid Mary and we should be proud of her, she put her life on the line and not for a moment has she endangered these people or any of us. But thanks to the medical staff who tended to her and threw her to the wolves. I wonder what the difference is between her and the hero status ebola relief patient?

    Did those dresses already have ebola, were they showing symptoms of ebola and did these ebola spewing dresses cough and sneeze on the customer’s faces, which is still no guarantee of infection? No? But isn’t ingesting the body fluids of a person who has ebola and is manifesting symptoms the way that you catch it, and doesn’t the virus die on surfaces very quickly? Aren’t the death rates way lower than people are assuming they are? Yes? Then, I guess that must be why none of these people have or are contracting ebola. People are so damned quick to freak out and demonize, they don’t even bother to find out if their accusations make sense, like in this case, when they don’t. This possible American ebola outbreak and conspiracy of silence is 100% media fabrication, unless Mitt Romney and CNN are the WHO, now. And exactly how many American civilians have died in this ‘pandemic’? Just get a flu shot if you need to take precaution and start acting like adults who can think and learn things. This isn’t the Plague of Justinian, this isn’t the Black Death, it’s a joke. We’re going to be fine.

    Thank-you Ms. Vinson, you’re one of the good ones.

  • Cathy0001

    Is she asking for a refund for dresses that were already purchased from the manufacturer or a return of a deposit for dresses that were picked out but not ordered from the manufacturer yet? Since the bride doesn’t normally pay for the bridesmaid’s dresses maybe they (the bridesmaids) can’t afford to walk away from $500 like apparently people who posted here can.

    • ALM247

      I think that she may want the deposit back for bridesmaids dresses that were never received.