Credit: Barry Brecheisen/WireImage

Credit: Barry Brecheisen/WireImage

The Real Housewives of Atlanta made its long-awaited return Monday night and no time was wasted when it came to the couple of the moment – Phaedra and Apollo. The tension was apparent from the start, confirming the rumors that swirled all summer that these two are headed for divorce court.

Apollo was busted and found guilty of bank and wire fraud and was sentenced to eight years in prison. Monday night’s episode demonstrated Phaedra’s reluctance to be dragged into the slime her husband is currently swimming in – opting instead to flee the scene with her two boys and lodge in a hotel until the madness tapers down.

Apollo for the most part doesn’t seem that fazed by the crime he committee or the consequences he has been assigned. He seems more annoyed with his wife’s refusal to support him during this time of duress. Phaedra is clearly not sympathetic to her soon to be ex-husband’s plight. She feels betrayed and ashamed to be associated with a man who doesn’t seem to be able to abide by the law accordingly. It can’t be easy for someone who makes a living upholding the law to have a husband who spends his time breaking it.

But then again, she was aware of his tendencies when she married him and decided that he was fit enough to not just be her partner for life but also father her children. Did she give in because she was desperate to settle down and have kids before it was too late? Maybe. But you have to admit that Phaedra has tried to stick by her man through the good times and the bad, and now she is ready to walk away for the sake of her sanity and her two sons.

This opens up a dialogue that has been around since coupledom existed. When do you decide enough is enough and make a run for it? How bad does it have to get before you wave the white flag and part ways? Most women would have run for the hills before settling down with a man like Apollo, who based on his past discretions shows a pattern of being a trouble maker. It is possible to forgive and forget and hope for the best, but how realistic would the outcome be?

Apollo feels abandoned by his wife and even expresses the fact that he never knew she would be capable of being that cold to him. But what did he expect? He clearly didn’t consider how his actions would affect his family. Obviously Phaedra reached her limit – like most women who are stuck being a mom to not just the kids but the husband as well.

The lesson of the day lies in the importance of making the right decisions in the beginning so you don’t pay the price for something you had nothing to do with.

But if you do end up getting entangled – put yourself first and bounce.

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  • gull2861

    She is an insincere idiot. She knew what she was getting when she decided to marry an ex-con. Dude told her who he was, but she didn’t believe him. Now she is playing victim.

    • ALM247

      You may call her a lot of things, but I don’t think she is an idiot by any stretch of the imagination.

      I am not watching the show this season, but in past seasons did you notice how she started multiple businesses, i.e. a fitness dvd business, a line of tasers to keep women safe, and her mortuary business?

      I kept wondering why a practicing lawyer with a working husband would be hustling so hard, but now we have a good reason why.

      If she even thought for one second that Apollo would be caught, she already has multiple streams of income coming in. The mortuary business is guaranteed income. Even if Atlanta is saturated with funeral homes, I’m sure there are areas in the suburbs where she would clean up.

    • gull2861

      I used the combined term insincere idiot to reflect that she is not as much as a victim as she claims publicly. Not to be confused with being stupid. I meant she created her own situation.

      Also, just because someone makes a little bit of money short term, doesnt mean their life is in order. Her sons will grow up with a multiple offender as a father. Her life story isnt over yet.

    • paintgurl40

      I haven’t watched the show in years but I always suspected that she wasn’t who she claimed she was. I heard that she used to mastermind the type of scams Apollo was doing and she just didn’t get her hands dirty. On one episode, a client paid her with a bag of cash in a parking lot and I always thought lawyers were too busy with lawyer things to take on other business ventures like the ones she was doing. When she took on Sheree as a client, she got outsmarted by Sheree’s ex-husband who defended himself.

    • ALM247

      Yes. A lot of people were put off by both of the incidences that you mention.

    • BillipPhailey

      Marrying an ex-con for your babies’ looks when you have a JD is the very definition of IDIOT.

    • ALM247

      Look up the Stanton case. Stanton alleges that Phaedra married Apollo so that she would not be forced to testify against him in court. She is not an idiot.

    • gull2861

      you keep saying this. having her sons grow up with a two time convict as a father isnt the definition of being smart. she is an idiot.

  • sarah


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  • Dcetstyle

    I think that if Apollo wasn’t being a hot mess with Kenya, Phaedra may have been a bit more sympathetic. Yes he was a criminal beforehand, she didn’t expect him to continue be a crook

    • paintgurl40

      LOL! You can’t be a thief and a cheater! Pick a struggle dude!

  • I remember being a teenage and my own mother told me that if I ever got arrested, don’t call her!
    IDK the background story around these folks, but I know that Apollo was a criminal when Phaedra met him…she made the choice to marry and procreate w/ him twice. Unless he mislead her, why should we feel sympathy for her?