The University of Phoenix isn’t exactly respected for helping to propel the notion of a higher education. It is no secret that they are built on the premise of tricking the clueless into believing that they are paying for valuable education when in reality their acquired degrees are worthless at best.

Unfortunately they are offering their services to Black students in the form of a partnership with the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund. This new venture will give the University the ability to start teaching students at historically black colleges and universities. This isn’t necessarily good news for students at HBCUs when you consider the less than average reputation the University of Phoenix has garnered within the community of educators.

According to the statistics – Compared to Four-year HBCUs, which has a black graduation rate of 36 percent, Phoenix’s black graduation rate is only 15 percent, even though it still boasts more black graduates than any other institution.

The bottom line is that getting an education is an expensive commitment but nothing is worse than paying an arm and a leg for something that won’t yield fruitful results.

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