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There is no doubt that Solange looked exceptional on her wedding day – in fact her bridal ensemble was an immaculate conception.

But unfortunately she wasn’t able to end the day without escaping another controversial involvement with sister Beyoncé. But this time instead of being the aggressor she was the victim.

After enjoying a well-choreographed celebration that was dutifully captured by Vogue, Solange mysteriously broke into hives – literally. Most likely a result of an allergic reaction – the visibly upset newly wed was captured in a car ride home being consoled by Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

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Her face is completely overtaken by decent-sized welts and it is anybody’s guess what caused the freakish breakout. Certainly not the ideal way to spend your wedding night but at least she has plenty of time to make up for it.

Check out Solange and Juelz!:

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  • Anthony

    The hives might have come from sitting next to JayZ! She was fighting that urge to smack him again!

    Does anyone besides me find that top she wore icky? I may sound patriarchal, but I would not want my wife to have her chest out like that at our wedding ceremony.

    • ALM247

      Solange and her husband appear to be the type of people to march to their own unique beat. They appear to have treated the wedding like one huge party, as opposed to the traditional church/ball room reception wedding.

      Also, this is Solange’s second marriage, and often women dress very differently for their second weddings.

    • Anthony

      She’s a grown woman, and she can certainly wear what she wants. It’s not a look I would like to see my wife to in at our wedding, but the chance of me ever being married to Solange are something less than zero!

  • Darkness901

    I’m not a the type of that is into wedding dresses, decorations, or any of that crap. I’ll let my girlfriend do all that But, Solange looked amazing. That was one of the best wedding dresses I have ever seen. She did it right and deserves major props. There is nothing wrong with being different. I’m already waiting for the person that will attempt to copy her dress.

  • Jay

    Wish they could have been more positive. Other online sites made more of this wedding and this site is all about celebrating black beauty and surely this is an example of that. Just surprised at the approach…..