Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 3.32.40 PMMany of us get caught up in our daily routine especially with the responsibilities that hold us hostage and leave very little room for improvisation. All your passions and zest for life give way to stale days filled with chaos and stress, and suddenly you forget how to enjoy your pursuits and submit to the 9 to 5 grind and the predictability it brings.

Those are the times when you step back and make the decision to either continue to be immersed in dissatisfaction or plot your exit. It has been proven, that staying in one place for too long can be mentally draining — not to mention unhealthy. In fact, it is advisable to move to a different city every five years –if possible– in order to rejuvenate your spirit and provide you with a different outlook on life in general.

We all seek comfort and stability and those are elements that are key to our life’s structure. We work hard to make a living so that we can ensure that our lifestyle remains intact and respectable. But there is such a thing as being “too comfortable” or too timid to explore other options because we are afraid of failure or shaking up the foundation that we have carefully erected. It is scary to seek out unfamiliar territories because there is no guarantee that it will pay off in the way that you anticipate. But the journey to get there is what makes it all worthwhile.

Forcing yourself to venture outside your comfort zone pays off in ways you may not expect. It literally gives you a new lease on life. It allows you to re-discover who you are —-including other aspects of your character that may not have had the chance to develop if you hadn’t flexed your muscles. We all need to re-charge and reassess where we are in life and those are the moments when we have to be honest about whether or not we are fully enjoying the ride. It is so much easier to stick with what you know and not rock the boat — but what if you are ready for a change or hungry for a new experience?

Seriously think about moving to another city or even out of the country if you can manage it. Think outside the box and challenge your capabilities. Find ways to be adventurous and explore that side of you that has remained dormant for too long. Allow your dreams and aspirations to guide you and propel the ideas that you would like manifested. Just thinking about the possibilities will improve your disposition almost immediately. It is never too late to switch gears and the joy comes from realizing that the sky is the limit. The only thing preventing you from garnering a new lease on life is you -– so make that move!

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  • Great advice! A few years after graduating from college, I decided to move to Southeast Asia. I ended up staying there for about two years and it was the best decision I could have ever made. It was a very humbling and eye-opening experience. I now encourage all of my friends to travel and explore what the world has to offer.

    • roo08

      Did you stay in S. Korea?

    • I stayed in S. Korea for a 38 hour layover lol, but my final resting spot was Cambodia. It’s an amazing country and it’s right next door to Thailand and Vietnam. Are you considering making a move to S. Korea?

    • Cambodia? How was that? I lived in korea for a year and will be moving to Shanghai soon. International travel is some of the best life experience.

    • It was amazing! Of course, there was a bit of a culture shock when I first got there. However, everyone was so welcoming and eager to teach (and learn). Food was great. Night scene was nice as well. Two years well spent!
      How was Korea? Shanghai sounds like it’ll be a really great experience!

  • I’ve lived in ATL for almost 7 years now and my life here has been pretty stagnant and predictable, by my own doing. I love ATL, I just haven’t been able to fully engage in the ATL lifestyle the way I would like to, due to finances and such. As much as I love this city and what it has to offer, I promised myself that after I graduate college I would be open to moving to a different city/ state if the opportunity presented itself. I never wanted to be the person who tied myself down to one place and stayed there forever.