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TMZ has never been known for their consideration or sensitivity when it comes to their reportage. They have garnered a huge fan base for their ability to be comically offensive and as expected they cross the line more times than not.

The latest fiasco has erupted from their choice of words when announcing the passing of Marion Berry, who died this past Saturday after a long illness.

Crack Mayor Dead At 78” was the headline for the posting and before long social media was in uproar. To make matters worse, the piece was accompanied by a video depicting Barry’s drug bust in 1990.

A slew of angry readers promptly drafted an online petition that has garnered more than 9,000 signatures to protest the disrespectful tactics by TMZ. The sentiment is that the sleazy online pub has unfairly discolored the legacy of Berry, who spent majority of his life dedicated to public service.

Twitter has been the playground of choice for people who are dismayed and disgusted with the headline and the posting has also been populated with comments that are mainly requesting the site to remove the offensive piece. So far TMZ has refused to respond to the ruckus they created.

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  • Anthony

    Marion Barry did this to himself. I know the man was a Civil Rights activist and a trailblazer in home rule for DC. He also got too used to power, allowed his skirt chasing to suck him into his horrible decision to smoke crack.

    We all know that those outside of our community will emphasize the negative if they rationalize it.

    • Me

      still doesn’t make it right. they joke about that toronto mayor almost lovingly. let’s see what his headline looks like when he kicks it.

    • Anthony

      I did not say it was right. I said he left himself open to be ridiculed by making the mistake he made. If he were a Cosby type, who criticized other blacks, he would get sympathy from the mainstream media. Since he criticized the system, it was happy to denigrate him when he fell short.

    • OSHH

      True, entrapment at it’s finest and that is how they painted him for decades now, not knowing or caring about ALL the good he did nor stating the truth in that he was not a crackhead at all.

    • paige

      As a resident of Toronto who’s former crack-smoking mayor now has cancer, I really hope they mention his crack-smoking ways when he dies. #sorrynotsorry #justsayin

    • Anthony

      Rob Ford was an actual crackhead mayor in that he had a drug problem. Marion Berry was really a whole lot more interested in getting his “lady friend” to get him off than smoking crack, which she clearly encouraged him to do in order to secure an arrest for the Feds.

    • paige

      I get it but that doesn’t really diminish his crack use historically. He even weighed in on Rob Ford’s crack smoking ways, so not really disassociating himself from the crack narrative even years later. It’s arguably the biggest part of his story: the fall, and then the redemption by voters.

    • Anthony

      I said earlier that Barry has himself to blame for being remembered as a crack smoker. I am just saying that it does not seem that Barry was a habitual crack smoker while Ford was.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      And yet, he still managed to secure his home riding again. What is wrong with Etobicoke?

    • paige

      It’s full of racist blue-collar White people that everyone from the hipsters to the elite of Toronto secretly identify with cuz they ARE friends and family or they just remind them of their friends and family. They have been so blatant with their racism you’s swear Etobicoke was a American. No offence, but Ontario is the home of subtle/sneaky/cowardice racism.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      No offence taken, I’m Canadian too and have lived in Toronto/will live there again in a few years, so I definitely how how that scene operates. A lot of Black Americans don’t believe that there is a racism problem in Canada, (Whoopi), but you and me know the truth.

    • paige

      OMG I *HEART* YOU SOOO MUCH! Everything you said X1000! So few people see through the Ford’s , including the media they despise so much. I feel like now that Rob has cancer we’re allowing that family to suck up all the sympathy and absolve them of the truly malicious and destructive past. Mikey (just out of high school) getting elected to the Trustee board, while Kathy is still awaiting her theft trial, and Doug attributing all the good done at city hall to himself and all the bad to his brother’s illness makes me wanna retch. I have raged about every one of your examples to the point my friends have a Lord Voldemort policy around mentioning the Ford name, so as my head won’t spin off as I go on a tirade yet again. Nice to meet someone who sees throughout the bullshit. Although I don’t wish him death, and despite his many supporters who’d I’m sure will play revisionist history, I want his entire past drudged up, if he succumbs to cancer! That family is exposing the racist underbelly that Canadian’s like to deny exist but I know is there.

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      EXACTLY. He’s not a loveable goof, he’s made us look like idiots and I hate having to explain my places of residence away to ignorant inquiries because he made a jackass of himself by walking into Jimmy Kimmel’s concern trap, because as Toronto goes, so does Ontario, apparently. Also, it seem that if I live there (or near there, currently), then I MUST condone all of his behaviour, the big lug, right? NOOOOOOOPPPEEE!!!!! Don’t pin that crap to this sewer: it doesn’t belong. Clear up Toronto’s traffic issues by removing 40% of its stop signs? What the living hell? I did not vote for that!

      I say, dredge it up, regardless. Of course, I don’t wish him bodily harm but he is the one who had a gang of goons beat up his in-law to keep him quiet. Classy. He should rely on his tried and tested extortion practice. Dude was arrested for drunk driving ages ago, so his ‘stupor’ wasn’t a one-shot deal. Oh, and remember how he lied, oh wait, ‘forgot’ about his marijuana charge when interviewed? I remember. Remember how he was going to raise TTC fares until someone tracked down the 20 million dollars he didn’t find/know about? That’s a whole lot of budget, does he even read? Considering the family stance on libraries, you be the judge.

      And now, I see that they’re pundits and everything they say is IMPORTANT, so if a girl who is barely out of her teens says that girls and women wouldn’t get raped if they didn’t dress like whores, you need to hear about it. Um, little girl, didn’t your implants play in the Lingerie Football League?

      A lot of generational sexism, homophobia, racism, nepotism, crime, lying–it sounds like a mob family. I do think he’ll be known as a crack mayor, that’s how most of the world knows him. It’s just like how now, everyone is going to remember Jian Ghomeshi as the rapist who the courts forced to live with his mother. I thought Mel Lastman was a joke, but Ford is on another ‘you can’t make this up’ level.

      I like you, too!
      And, hey man, #NotAllSidewalkInterviews.

    • paige

      My heart just grew 2 sizes, reading this! PREACH!!!

  • ALM247

    Harvey is a lawyer. He knows what is up. He just doesn’t care….clicks= ad revenue. The worst that could happen is a retraction, and Harvey and his staff move on to terrorize another person of note. Has anyone ever successfully sued TMZ in the last 10 years and won a monetary settlement?

  • besides his short comings that the popular media never let y’all naive black forget doing Marion Barry time as mayor of Washington DC HE made many black millionaires, provided many jobs to the under privileges that created a large black middle class, but of course they didn’t tell y’all that but they will create a black villain and throw him to y’all and watch y’all with pleasure destroy him!

    • ALM247

      Who is watching with pleasure? People are UPSET with TMZ.

    • “Who is watching with pleasure” The enemy of the black man and the black women are watch with pleasure?

  • Sean

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Harvey is a closeted racist.

    • B Cooper

      Not sure he is in the closet! I feel him loud and clear…