Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.42.57 AMThe police are not making any attempt to redeem themselves as every week presents new cases of murder and mayhem.

This latest headliner is another illustration of what bad judgment and damning instincts can manifest. The New York Times reports that an NYPD officer who just recently joined the force fatally shot an unarmed man, 28-year-old Akai Gurley in the stairwell of a housing project in East New York. The incident occurred around 11:15 pm on Thursday night.

Gurley was with is girlfriend, Melissa Butler who witnessed the shooting and shared her story with the Daily News. According to Butler, she and Gurley were walking in the stairwell when they ran into two NYPD officers patrolling the area. One of them apparently shot Gurley in the chest. “He didn’t do nothing wrong, he was just standing there and they shot him. He was an innocent man”

Butler goes on to explain that the officers gave no indication that they were going to take matters into their own hands. “They didn’t give no explanation”. “They didn’t identify themselves. They just started shooting”.

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  • Anthony

    Sorry NYPD, but saying nothing is not acceptable. At least insult our intelligence with a weak lie.

  • Me

    what the? so no warning, no orders, just point and shoot? i don’t think it’s possible for me to trust the police any less than i already do.

  • Anthony

    I saw in the Guardian where Commissioner Bratton called the victim innocent, and said the shooting was an accident. As some posters at the Guardian said, an officer with a drawn gun and his hand on the trigger finger does shoot people accidentally. He may have later realized the shooting was unjustified, but it was not an accident.

  • The girlfriend of the victim including the victim’s family are going through so much pain. Police are trained on the usage of gun all of the time. There are no excuses for the death of this Brother. We have heard stories like this all of the time and certain segments of society could care less about the human value of black lives. That cop saying that it is an accident is highly desperate. Akai Gurley’s family and girlfriend deserve real answers and justice. There has to be accountability here and the cop who murdered the young man should be punished.

  • Wow, this has got to stop. Disgusting, they need to be in jail right now…they didn’t give any warnings or speak to them? Just running up and shooting people, then going home to sleep at night. Prayers go out to the victims family and his soul.