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Words like ‘OMG’, ‘YOLO,’ and ‘twerk’ all met a similar fate and now Feminist may join them. TIME magazine is asking readers to once again choose from their compiled list of words that deserve to be banned in 2015. “Bae”, “I can’t even”, “literally”, “basic”, “sorry not sorry”, and “turnt” are among the contenders. But surprisingly “feminist” made the list which forces us to re-examine the relevancy of a word that has been used to champion the agenda of pioneering women ever since our voices were somewhat validated.

TIME acknowledges the fact that the word has suffered from excessive usage, making it difficult to defend its valor. Ever since “feminist” became a celebrity favorite, it has declined in value, which evidently qualifies it for temporary distinction in the coming year.

But we can’t help going back in time, when the Women Suffrage movement was in motion. It was their tireless efforts that propelled the ideals of what being a “feminist” really entails.

No matter how it’s been misused, we certainly don’t to see it become a castaway – if we can help it.

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  • Me

    i’m all for getting rid of the title feminist. folks use that damn title like it’s a weapon. who gets to decide who is and isn’t for women’s rights? and then there’s the “feminists” who are really just bitter angry man-haters hiding behind that title so they can be hateful bullies w/no accountability for their words. i believe people can do and say feminist things, but nobody is a feminist all the time just like nobody acts christian all the time, nobody thinks happy thoughts all the time, nobody says democratic things all the time. we’re all human & our behavior might say one thing about us “most” of the time, but to label yourself is to act like you’ll never be capable of doing, thinking, or saying anything outside of that label & we know nobody is that perfect. so i say drop the word feminist along with the witch hunt for unfeminist women and the man-bashing b/c i’m sick of it. as much as i’m all for gender equality/equity, i will never be “a feminist”. even the fact that it’s a title at all contradicts everything about feminism & the mission to not box women into roles dictated by society. let someone “uncouth” call themselves feminist & all of a sudden it’s a big debate over whether he or she has the right to be a feminist. how does that make sense? i vote to get rid of the word & move on to dialogues with each other about how we can all be decent human beings that respect one another’s value & contributions to making this world great. that conversation doesn’t need titles. just mature & open minded people willing to do their part. the end.

    • well stated, I agree with you for the most part, however I do not want the word feminist ban because it just a word, in my mind it should be un-American to ban a word.

  • “Should The Word Feminist Be Banned” Nope, although I typically don’t or almost never agree with them I hold hardily do not want the word feminist band because they have their rights plus it’s a word.

  • Kai19XX

    Why do people want so much control over what women are doing and saying?

  • noirluv45

    Banning words is just the beginning of communism. People beware! Our Constitution is at risk of being null and void when certain groups decide what we can and can’t say. I’m not saying some things should not be banned such as yelling fire in a theater or making terrorist threats, but when the government or whomever wants to start banning what we eat, drink, or say, then it’s “Danger, Will Robinson!” (from Lost in Space)

  • I don’t believe that the word feminist should be banned for free speech reasons and for the fact that ideological diversity ought to exist in any society. Also, many black women call themselves womanist and I have no issue with that. A black woman has the right to call herself a feminist, a womanist, etc. People have to allow women to be empowered and to live their own lives without authoritarian oppression. Not to mention that we, as a community, need more solidarity and more self-determination. Real unity is important. I don’t believe in unifying with reactionary extremists. I do believe in an authentic unity that focuses on establishing justice for black men, black women, and black children. It is a type of unity that rejects classism and seeks for the poor to experience economic justice (in giving the poor a living wage and pure human dignity). It is that type of focus which we need more of in this society. We live in a new era. We have witnessed the growth of the service job market while industrialization has declined in many places of America.

    Ideologically, we have the right to reject consumerism, materialism, and imperialism. We have to think like our ancestors thought (which is the embrace of the communal spirit and the love for the essence of community). We need to further grow the revolutionary voices of the black community, which has existed decades ago. We need not only hope, but action too. I have faith in a better future too.