By Bill Duke, Shelia P. Moses, $35

By Bill Duke, Shelia P. Moses, $35

Bill Duke was so wowed by the success of his film Dark Girls that he decided to extend the festivities by producing the book version of his already successful project.

The Dark Girls book is a vividly dynamic pictorial that features high-profile women who share their personal testimonies about what it means to be dark-skinned and how that reality has impacted their lives.

The book also contains in depth accounts from people all over the world, including a dark-brown man from India who admits that he bleaches his skin in order to escape the stigma that comes with being lumped with low-income Indian men who are usually dark in complexion.

Duke spoke to The Root about the research he did for the book and the process behind uncovering the misconceptions of dark-skinned women. He explained that initially, there was push back because of the shame associated with the fact that the Black community still struggles with issues of skin color. But Duke was determined to follow through and expose the deep-rooted reasons why there is such a bias against dark-skin.

The actor and filmmaker hopes that young women and even men will appreciate seeing Lupita Nyong’o on the cover and other celebrities, who are featured like Tichina Arnold, Erika Alexander, and Loretta Devine, and use them as their inspiration.

The objective is to destroy the emotional barriers that are associated with sporting a darker hue especially when navigating through what society consistently tells us. The book aims to present and celebrate the beauty of acceptance and pride that comes with recognizing and appreciating your features regardless of what is globally heralded.

Check photos from the Dark Girls book on the next page.

(Image Credits: Harper Collins/Instagram)

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  • Great Job Bill Duke.

    Bill Duke and others who were involved in the movie “Dark Girls” should receive great respect for talking about an important issue in our community. The truth is that all human beings, irrespective of color, deserve justice. We should use every fiber of our beings to extinguish the horrendous evil of colorism. Colorism is totally evil. People have the right to express their stories. Expressing stories can improve the soul and we have to have discussions and faulty biases must be eliminated. Dark skinned Brothers and Sisters should be treated fairly and with dignity. No person should be unfairly demonized. Solutions must be created and being black unapologetically is a blessing.

    • Mary Burrell

      @truthseeker2436577: Beautifully articulated

    • Thank you Sister Mary Burrell.

      Have a Great and Blessed Day.

  • Mary Burrell

    I would love to have this on my coffee table it’s beautiful. Lupita is radiant.