D’Angelo had the Twitterverse in ecstasy Sunday night, when it was confirmed that his latest offering; Black Messiah would be available on iTunes and Spotify.

It has been 14 years since we were charmed with the vocal wiles and beats of his endearing classic – Voodoo. And who can forget how women all over the nation swooned and fell under the spell of his evoking video – Untitled (How Does It Feel).

It’s a passion project, and it’s everything,” Questlove told the audience. “I don’t really want to give a hyperbolic or grandiose statement, but it’s everything. It’s beautiful, it’s ugly, it’s truth, it’s lies. It’s everything.”

His extended absence almost convinced us that a third album would never be a reality. But now the wait is over! You have the option to stream or buy Black Messiah – and from early buzz and reviews, it looks like those who have indulged can’t get enough of the track list.

The master is back! And his legions of fans are more than ready to oblige.

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