In response to the racial strife gripping the nation, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, is committed to finding solutions that will help bring an end to all the chaos and mayhem.

On Monday, Holder revealed that he is working on establishing new policies that will help eradicate racial profiling “once and for all”.

During a speech he gave to a gathered crowd at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, which happens to be the same venue where Martin Luther King Jr. used to hold court in the 60’s, Holder promised to dole out specific policies that will be targeted at knocking out the crippling system currently in place. He acknowledged that the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri isn’t an isolated event but rather an indication of what is happening all over the nation. “The issues raised in Missouri are not unique to that state or small city”.

He added that the only way for a solution to be implemented would be through the cooperation and commitment of the federal, state and local sectors. The goal is to ultimately improve relations between law enforcement and the general public.

“Our police officers cannot be, or be viewed as, an occupying force, disconnected to the communities they serve”. “Bonds that have been broken must be restored; bond that never existed must be created”. Holder’s strategy will be developing new codes of conduct, “rigorous new standards and robust safeguards to help end racial profiling once and for all”.

Holder also discussed the effort the Obama administration is making in launching the body cameras for law enforcement which will cost the government about $263-million to provide 50,000 body cameras – over a three-year period


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