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GOP staffer Elizabeth Lauten told NBC News she is “resigning today” after making very critical comments about Sasha and Malia Obama on Facebook.

Dear Sasha and Malia, I get you’re both in those awful teen years, but you’re a part of the First Family, try showing a little class. At least respect the part you play. Then again your mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter, so I’m guessing you’re coming up a little short in the ‘good role model’ department. Nevertheless, stretch yourself. Rise to the occasion. Act like being in the White House matters to you. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. And certainly don’t make faces during televised public events.

It wasn’t long before Lauten was besieged with criticism and hours later she issued an apology but the damage had already been done.

Diana Reese, a contributor at the Washington Post bought Lauten to task for attacking the Obama Girls, “If Lauten were a mom, particularly of teen girls, she’d have a lot more empathy, I suspect, and she’s probably agree with me that kids in the White House should be off-limits to media scrutiny”.
Resse’s word ring true, but as a Republican, Lauten has inherited the mantra of not being capable of decorum and sound judgment when it comes to matters of national security. The Obama girls have security guards for a reason, and anything that puts them in unwarranted danger has to be thwarted. Lauten’s resignation is justifiable and necessary. Good riddance!


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