Rapper Jay Electronica who is currently on tour with Common, felt the need to let it all out on Twitter in a series of controversial tweets that left nothing to the imagination.

Considering the current state of affairs, it is understandable that everyone has something to vent about, and what better audience to use as your sounding board than your loyal followers.

The New Orleans native tackled everything from “black-on-black crime” to President Obama – who he called out for not having “the nuts” to speak up in light of the tragedy involving Michael Brown and Eric Garner. He also accused Obama of lying to the people when he was running for office and declared that he should be “ashamed”.

It was a passionate attack on the media and those in authority who have helped to propel the racial strife that is gripping the nation. Whether you agree or not – it was a valid attempt to draw attention to the ongoing crisis and express frustration at those who haven’t risen to the occasion.

Check out the tweets on the next page!

[Image Credits: Twitter]

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