Image Credit : Governor's Office

Image Credit : Governor’s Office

Jay-Z answered the call from the governor’s office and hopefully he was able to shed some light on an issue that needs immediate resolve.

Gov. Cuomo met with the hip-hop mogul to discuss matters of policy and implementation and there is no question why he chose to use the rapper as a resource.

Jay-Z’s rap sheet and previous experience as a ruffian working the streets in Brooklyn – gives him a unique perspective and makes him the perfect ambassador for the disadvantaged and those who are unfairly persecuted.

But some are not convinced that a meeting with a rapper and the governor of New York has the potential to produce fruitful results. David Laska, spokesperson for the GOP expressed his doubts to Page Six, “Given Jay-Z’s history with the law, he’s serious a source on police policy as Vladimir Putin is on freedom of speech.”  “That kind of a photo-opportunity politics from the governor is the opposite of leadership.”

Twitter was also ablaze with critics who voiced their disgust at the idea of the meeting and mocked the proposed outcome.

It is worth noting that Cuomo also met with Russell Simmons to discuss strategies regarding the eradication of police brutality. At the end of the session, Simmons expressed the end result, “Today is the beginning of the end of police policing police.”

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