Image Credit: New York Daily News

Image Credit: New York Daily News

Akai Gurley, the young black man, who was fatally shot in the stairway of a housing complex in East New York, on Nov. 20, might have had a chance of surviving his wounds if the cop who pulled the trigger had called for help instead of texting his union representative.

A Police source says that after the shooting took place, a neighbor who heard the ruckus called 911. A commanding officer and emergency operator then tried to reach Peter Liang, the rookie cop who fired the shot and his partner Shaun Landau for six minutes but were unable to make contact.

The source told the New York Daily News that it was unacceptable that both cops purposely ignored the radio call, and decided to reach out to their union rep instead, “That’s showing negligence”.

The neighbor’s 911 call was reportedly what alerted authorities to the incident.

28-year-old Gurley was unarmed and posed no threat to the officers who intersected him and his girlfriend as they were headed down the stairwell.

NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton told reporters that Gurley was an innocent victim and that it is very likely Liang fired his gun by accident. He also confirmed that both Liang and Landau were not supposed to have been patrolling the stairway that day since it wasn’t part of their regular itinerary.

A source also told the Daily News that based on the text messages sent by Liang, it was evident that he didn’t know the address of the building where the shooting took place.

The case has been assigned to Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson who is preparing evidence to present to the grand jury.

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  • Anthony

    An irony I have noticed is that yesterday in Eutawville, SC, a white police chief was indicted for murder in the case of a black man he fought when the two argued
    over a ticket given to the black man’s daughter. This officer is the third white officer indicted in SC for shooting a black person this year. In Charlotte, NC, the cop who shot the FAMU grad who was asking for help after a car wreck was indicted when the DA convened a second grand jury. The places that seem to have the hardest time indicting the police are northen cities with strong police unions. As a pro union person, it hurts me to criticize unions, the fact this officer was calling his union rep instead an EMI speaks for itself.

    • constance

      I realized long ago that police unions were the real source of police corruption in this country. The rest of the country is just realizing what black new yorkers have been complaining about for years. Amadou Diallo was shot in 1999 42 times, that was followed by Patrick Dorismond and Sean Bell who was shot 50 times by police in 2006. And all the offending officers got away with it. Everytime there’s a police shooting PBA president Pat Lynch, who has this weird Bostonish accident, gets in frontnof the cameras and defends the police vigorously regardless of the circumstances. And it is annoying.

    • noirluv45

      Bingo!!! You hit the nail on the head.

    • Mary Burrell

      @Anthony: Good information. At least some justice somewhere is being carried out.

  • constance

    Another grand jury investigating another police shooting ? I can only hope that a black DA won’t intentionally let the cops walk this time. Let’s see if the cop who fired his weapon will be given 2 hours to testify in his own defense like Officer Chokehold was.

  • This information is just tragic. The officers were not even supposed to be patrolling the stairway in the first place. Also, the murdering cop was reckless in his actions. He discharged a firearm at an innocent, unarmed black man. Cops are regularly trained on procedures, gun usage, and how to handle many scenarios. Liang obviously must face accountability for his actions. It is disgraceful how some police unions support any officer no matter how egregious the actions of a cop or how much reprehensible a cop is. For the PBA to defend the murderer of Eric Garner is a disgrace. Liang obviously should have called the ambulance immediately and not text his union rep. It is so sad to witness another innocent black person die at the hands of a cop.

    • blogdiz

      It is not in their interest for their victims to live Dead men tell no tales and white juries gladly suck up I was scared for my life, he grabbed my gun he charged , he went to his waist was a demon hulk blah blah

    • Anthony

      That is exactly what my supervisor told me during security guard training.

    • Me

      yep… that’s the only reason the sc cop got charged for shooting the black man after he reached for the id that the cop asked him for. he only got charged b/c his victim survived.

    • Love.tweet.joi

      It speaks volumes that he cared more about his career than saving this man’s life.

    • You’re right. The cop should be ashamed of his actions. A Brother was killed by an evil action by one police officer.

  • Mary Burrell

    This poor man is dead because of these dumb and dumber ish heads.

  • Love.tweet.joi

    Yo! This brotha on This Week just said that 95% of blacks are law abiding citizens. Am I really that brainwashed by the media when I didnt even know that?! If i’m believing the hype, its no wonder white people believe that blacks are ALL bad.