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A Berkeley based biologist has determined that Puerto Rican woman possess the necessary requirements to deem them “the perfect human.”

This can be attributed to their mixed heritage that includes a little bit of everything out there. According to study, most Puerto Rican women living in the States, are 53.3% European, 29.1% West African, and 17.6% Native American.

So basically, the fact that they are mixed with the best combination possible gives them an edge and produces gorgeous specimens like Jennifer Lopez, La La Anthony, Naya Rivera – the list goes on.

So…the message is basically that ”mixed chicks” rule and if you are not boasting more than one of the preferred genes, you are out of luck.

We have to disagree and note that this maybe not the best sentiment to spread around to impressionable young girls who are struggling to find and solidify their identity.

All women regardless of race or creed should be deemed “perfect” because that is what makes us all uniquely worthy. Having mixed heritage is a blessing but shouldn’t be used as the barometer for the ultimate prize in the world of perfection.

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