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Q-Tip — of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest, took to Twitter this past weekend to chime in on the feud between Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks. In a series of tweets, Q-Tip took the time to explain the history of hip-hop as a political movement and argued that if an artist decides to engage in the hip-hop genre they must acknowledge those roots and issues.

Check out the tweets below:

HipHop is a artistic and socio-political movement/culture that sprang from the disparate ghettos of NY in the early 70’s Coming off the heels of the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT and approaching the end of the Vietnam war it was a crossroads 4 America specially for blacks in the US our neighborhoods were PROLIFERATED w/a rush of HEROINE.” “Our school systems here in NY dungeon traps with light for learning… blk men some of whom didn’t return from tours of duty n the ones who did came w/war baggage (agent orange, addiction, ect..)… these men had families but due to these events and throw into the mix the public emasculation… they proved to be handicapped parents. The surrogate parents? The STREETS… the streets of gangs, crimes, and the hustlers coddled us and swept us up.” “But! Being a spirited, rhythmic & expressive people music art dance outlined our existence… it proved a way for us to exhault to scream to dance to laugh and find OUR VOICE… we weren’t at the time skilled musicians as kids. We had records, turntables, ideas and INGENUITY being natural chemist we took from whatever was availed to us and we created something mighty and special.” “We cut breakbeats back n forth we took a hybrid of Jamaican toasting along w/ radio jock rap( hank Spann, Gary Byrd, ect.) and we put our rap down.. it was a neighborhood thing really. Black and Latino Kids were carving out their space and it became infectious… eventually Keith Cowboy coined the phrase hiphop . Yrs later the first rap record was recorded and now we r moving.” “But during these strides this country still had the monster of racism and racial insensitivity breathing and ruling… believe it or not young black n Latino lives specifically weren’t acknowledged in mainstream American culture unless Of course.. the convo was abt gangs , being criminals or uneducated. And hey! Like I stated early our families were rushed our schools sucked and we were left to put devices to survive… but HIPHOP showed that we had DEPTH, fire, and BRILLANCE… the music was undeniable! It moved from NY N became national and even GLOBAL.” Hiphop now was FOR EVERYBODY!! All of those who cld relate to the roots, the spirit, the history, the energy.. It reached YOU… it touched your spirit n took u up. We magnetized you! That’s what BRILLANCE does… now u are fulfilling your dreams … BUT! you have to take into account the HISTORY as you move underneath the banner of hiphop. As I said before… hiphop is fun it’s vile it’s dance it’s traditional it’s light hearted but 1 thing it can never detach itself from is being a SOCIO-Political movement.” “U may ask why … Well once you are born black your existence I believe is joined with socio-political epitaph and philos based on the tangled and treacherous history SLAVERY alone this is the case it never leaves our conversation… Ever. WeAther in our universities our dinner tables our studios or jail cells… the effects still resononates with us. It hurts… We get emotional and angry and melancholy… did u know president Clinton was the ONLY PRESIDENT to apologize for it? did u know that remnants of slavery exist today thru white privilege? When certain “niceties” r extended your way because of how u look? Isn’t that crazy?” “I say this 2 say u are a hiphop artist who has the right 2 express herself however she wishes… this is not a chastisement this is not admonishment at ALL this is just one artist reaching to another hoping to spark insight into the field you r in. I say this in the spirit of a hopeful healthy dialogue that maybe one day we can continue… I’ve been on twitter a long time and this will probably be my last series of tweets pretty much but I’m Kool with it as long as I got to share this w u. Zzzzzzz’s up! Peace!” Of course it’s frustrating that one of the greatest lyricists has to take the time to teach a rapper about the genre of music she and some producers decided fit her best (like a piece of clothing she can take off), that this conversation had to happen in the first place. But while one can only hope that Iggy Azalea takes this to heart or even takes notice at all (doesn’t seem like it so far), we can all learn from Q-Tip’s history lesson.


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  • good2bfree

    Iggy don’t care, and T.I. is getting paid for pimping her. ‘Nuff said!

    • ZORINO

      I don’t believe T.I is. She’s no longer with Grand Hustle, T.I’s record label.


    Still not sure why SOME Black people and Azalea Banks don’t like Iggy Azalea. That “Fancy” song was pretty dope. Her album sounds more Hip-Hop than Azalea Banks’.

  • Mary Burrell

    The eternal worship of the “white female”

  • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

    Getting Uncle Jemima to fight her battles for her, again? He defends this girl and the fake-ass sweathogs she calls her behind more than he does his own wife. Is there some reason why she needs protection and other women don’t? Eminem and Snoop have to apologise to her (although I believe that any woman would deserve one after what they said), T.I. has to kiss her cyborg ass and Q-Tips takes his unpaid time to offer some ingrate a bespoke course– and people have a nerve to say she faces discrimination because of her minstrel show? How? Isn’t it rich that after what she’s said about Mexicans, Aborigines, Blacks, etc., people cry foul when she is brought to book over hateful specifics she’s espoused? With all of that in mind, what is about her that people think is so special that they will die with their boots on to defend a person who mocks them at every turn? Does anyone outside of Twitter really call her to task? Does she lack radio airplay? Are her sales suffering? Is she not getting nominated for awards? Is she prevented from performing? Is is unfair to call her a racist homophobe when there is evidence that she is (or there was before she wiped her accounts)? Does she completely lack defence from everyone in the industry? People are trying to make this ongoing debacle the (surprise) fault of Black women who are jealous. You know, they are probably are, they probably are jealous but why shouldn’t they be pissed that this equivalent of a Teacher’s Pet is being lauded while they are ignored. Being a victim isn’t solely the province of white girls, Azalea Banks talks like a crazy person an awful lot but what is that saying about the stopped clock being right twice a day? This Fresh as the Driven Snow Damsel in Distress narrative: Take Off!

    As for T.I.: He tried to get Obama to let him out of his felony jail term because (I guess) the ‘Started from the bottom, now we’re here’ mentality took over and he felt entitled to a, ‘What up, fam?’ furlough from accountability for the length of Obama’s term. Stupid. Stupid then, stupid now. Bud, maybe instead of playing lapdog for someone who spurns you at every possibility when your head is turned (sometimes when it’s not) in the hope of getting some kind of Snow Job, pay attention to your wife who is going to go blind trying to look like the type of women that so many people like you elevate to ridiculous levels.

    Everyone is stupid.

  • disqus_6sinns1216

    WHERE is Young Thugs, Rich homie Quans, and all these other MINSTREL BUFFOONS history lesson on the foundations of Hip Hop? WHY do these black BUFFOONS get a pass for raping, vomiting on, and smearing their poop on hip hop but ugly asealia needs to be REMINDED every day??

    When she steals and manipulates the culture -> Not Okay

    These Black buffoons steal manipulate the culture to corrupt the youth into violence, hating women, hating black women, hating black people, –> OKAY

    WHERE is Cheif keef’s HISTORICAL lesson?? He’s very much in need of some black education. But this black minstrel actor gets a pass. Up out my face.