Comedian/Actor Mike Epps is being slammed for a Instagram photo he posted of a Black man whipping white slaves.

The now deleted picture shows three white men without shirts in a cotton field while a Black man stands over them with a whip. In the top left-hand side of the photo Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is seen smiling. Epps captioned the image, “I am so proud of you bro! Lol.”

TMZ broke the story on yesterday and now Epps has issued an apology.

Epps spoke with TMZ about the incident and said the photo started as a joke with his nephews. He also noted that he thought the photo was absurd and funny — but he understands why some people were angry.

Mike Epps has a new AOL series “That’s Racist”  debuting on Monday where he will be interviewing people around the country about racist stereotypes.

Check out the trailer below:

Photo Credit: TMZ

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  • CoolChic

    Who cares what white people think? The amount of foolishness they pull on Halloween…please.

  • I thought about the photo and this issue. One phrase came to
    my mind constantly. The phrase is Charlie Hebdo. That phrase deals with this
    issue. Charlie Hebdo has shown Islamophobic, sexist, racist, and other
    offensive images. There has been no apology on the authors of these offensive
    cartoons, yet Mike Epps apologized for his one photo which was a very
    controversial satirical look in race relations of American society. I don’t
    agree with Mike Epps on certain issues and I don’t believe that Dr. Martin
    Luther King Jr. would want that picture that Epps shown to be reality. On the
    other hand, there is a double standard where many black people are made to
    apologize as a means to make certain white people comfortable with the status
    quo. The truth is that we have the right to not bow down to the social
    sensibilities of white reactionaries. We have the right to think for ourselves
    and express ourselves. Many white
    racists have called the President all sorts of names, shown offensive images on
    social media, and the whole nine yards, but they haven’t apologized for a
    single thing.

  • Anthro Pop

    No surprise. Mike Epps is an ignorant no talent douchebag and an asshole. Why do people give him the time of day?

  • yoshi3329

    I actually found that picture to be hilarious. It’s MLK Jr.’s Face that does it for me. LOL!

  • Cham

    It’s a grim day for the First Amendment when COMEDIANS are vilified for doing SATIRE!!