The latest issue of Architectural Digest features John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. The couple granted Architectural Digest an exclusive look inside their one-bedroom loft in New York City.

“We tend to look for the opposite of what most people want,” Legend said of the quaint residence, which boasts a view of a, er, brick walk from the kitchen window. “I absolutely love this. I’d rather have a wall than a view of the Empire State Building,” his wife echoed.

For the complete tour and interview, click here.

To see more images from the tour check out our gallery.

Credits: William Waldron/Architectural Digest

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  • Their home is uniquely beautiful, I love it!

  • Anthony

    It must be nice to able to afford homes like that! I sure hope John Legend is faithful to Chrisdy Teigen because as much as I can tell, she really loves him. If he ever lost her chasing quick sex, he would likely never find devotion that intense again.

    • Really???? I thought she was his beard!

    • Anthony

      Really, she seems to love him to death, and she defends him like a Rottweiler on Twitter. From the outside looking in, John Legend has an exceptional level of affection and support from his wife. I am not throwing shade on anyone else, I am just saying that Legend is a lucky man, and I hope he knows it.

    • So she’s doing her job as his beard then :-) Of course we don’t know for sure but that’s the rumor…