President Obama has announced that he would like to propose free community college for adults.

“What I’d like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for everybody who’s willing to work for it,” Obama said in a White House video posted Thursday. “It’s something we can accomplish, and it’s something that will train our workforce so that we can compete with anybody in the world.”

President Obama said that while education is a “key to success” for kids, adults could use some extra education as well.

“What we also understand is that it’s not just for kids, we also have to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to constantly train themselves for better jobs, better wages, better benefits,” Obama said.

Under the proposal, students would be required to be enrolled at least part-time and maintain a modest 2.5 GPA to be in the program. States will have to choose to opt-in to the program. States that choose to join the program would put up a portion of the funding. The White House said if all states participate, an estimated 9 million students could benefit from the program with each full-time student saving an average of $3,800 per year.

“I hope we’ve got a chance to make sure that Congress gets behind these kinds of efforts to ensure that even as we rebound and grow in 2015 that it benefits everybody and not just some,” Obama said.

More details will be additional announced today when President Obama speaks in Tennessee.

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