Putting the spotlight on how race and culture influence what’s considered beautiful, un-ruly – a digital beauty platform dedicated to Black hair, will debut Pretty— a documentary series that explores how beauty differs across the globe.

Airing in January 2015, the series will take a look at beauty as told through the perspectives of Black women and explore just how nuanced beauty can be by not only examining how beauty standards vary from country to country, but also how they might vary within a city. About every four weeks, the series will touch down in a new city where viewers will get to know the stories of three to four women, each with her own distinct backgrounds and styles. Through the length of the series Pretty will make its way across the globe starting in Europe, then Africa, South America and North America.

To learn more please visit un-ruly.com

Check out the first episode below:

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  • It’s a certainly interesting documentary. One strength of it is that it allows black women in France to tell their own stories and to outline their experiences honestly and without obscurity. Change comes by constructive, positive action and it comes by honest discussion too. The women in the documentary want their voices to be fully expressed on the issue of beauty. Beauty obviously is not monolithic and it doesn’t just deal with the physical or with fashion. Beauty comes from within too. Our inner souls must be improved upon if we want to see our true potential as human beings. This greatly develops consciousness too. True beauty readily deals with self-acceptance, compassion, strength, and a resilient spirit. We are all in solidarity with the Afro-French Sisters living their lives. Black beauty should be respected globally.

  • Mary Burrell

    I remember my visit in the early 90’s I was with a group traveling from London and riding to Paris on the train. We met some other travelers at our hotel in London and were told they didn’t like Americans. I thought it was a beautiful city with lots of culture, but if one doesn’t speak the language then it can be difficult. We had a lady with our group who showed us where to go. And interpreted for us. Otherwise we would have been in trouble