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Dear Capricorn: Welcome To Capricorn Season!

Once again, we’ve climbed the mountain and reached your time. You seem to be somewhat of a misunderstood sign because whatever you do, you value being “in it for the long haul.” In a world so rampant with short-cuts, and “free lunches” you want to “pay your way. One of the principles which is intimately connected to Capricorn energy is that of integrity: a congruency, or alignment of thought, word and action. In other words, your behavior reflects an accuracy of what you value, and this permeates every area of your life.

You innately understand that nothing worth having comes easy and what maintains your vitality is aspiring to create structures which stand the test of time and promote mastery and competence. There’s a solidity about you which is able to cut through all of the b.s. and grasp the reality principle. Focus and concentrated effort are your allies. As are strategy, organization and preparation. Discipline and persistence, even in the face of obstacles is what contributes to your sturdiness.

Some may say you take yourself too seriously, but you know you’re not here to be average or run of the mill. You have the potential to be the ultimate role model for what It means to be an achiever and serve as an authority on the steps we all need to take to be successful whatever our passion may be.

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  • Me

    i love the artwork

    • Mahogany

      The artwork is amazing indeed

    • Love.tweet.joi

      I’m a libra :( I don’t like mine LOL. Are those scales resting on her head? LOL.

  • Vanessa Dawson

    Where did the artwork come from;its wonderful!

  • I am a Sagittarius. LOL. No comment. :)

    Yet, I will say that the artwork is very creative.

    • CourtneyrrR

      Sag!! lol. cancer. lol you already know. lol

    • Yes, you are a Cancer and proud of it. LOL. I feel you Sister. I feel you.

    • CourtneyrrR

      Heck yeah I am. :)Im going to have to do some research on the signs again. lol .Sags are cool though.

    • Good Afternoon Sister Courtney.

      Go ahead on with ya good self then. :) Yes, I will let my country side, because I am a black Southerner. LOL. :)

      Cancers are great people. I am Sag. I am what I am, but I respect the other signs as well. Yes, the artwork is very inventive and cool.

    • CourtneyrrR

      Good evening. You are right. others already said it too. The artwork is bananas. :)All of the signs. The cancer sign looks as if their are vertebrae spikes coming out the back of her head. In this case, claws and the claw by the ear looks like a feather ornament with a claw. Sick.

    • Yes, I like how the designs use creative extensions from claws to scales. The creator of the artwork knew what to do. The Capricorn image is great and sick too.

    • Goodnight Sister Courtney.