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According to Alpha Kappa Alpha‘s website, VH1 Sorority Sisters cast members April McRae and Rwanda “Joy” Hammond have been suspended from the nation’s oldest historically Black sorority.

The controversy and suspensions are due to the opinion of many that the VH1 show misrepresents greek life and goes against the rich legacy of historically Black greek organizations.

Both members were officially suspended on Dec. 26th –and the suspensions are in effect until July 2016. Both McRae and Hammond cannot participate in “any and all Sorority activities, in any capacity, until restored to good standing by the Regional Director, upon approval of the International President,” according to the rules on Alpha Kappa Alpha’s website.

McRae spoke to The Root in an interview and said officials from the national offices reached out to her and expressed how they felt about her involvement with the VH1 reality show:

“The regional director for my area reached out—They were under the impression that the first petition had silenced the show,” April told The Root. “I did receive a letter about the show and how they felt about my participation. My lawyer is involved now, so I’d rather not discuss that.”

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