Actress and entrepreneur, Vivica A. Fox, appeared on The Meredith Viera Show on Thursday and decided to weigh on the Cosby scandal. The 50 year-old actress said Cosby is a “nice, kind” man who has never been inappropriate to her.

“I worked on the Cosby show and was honored to do the show, and … the man I met was nothing like the man they are describing,” Fox said on the talk show. “He was nice, kind. There was no sexual overtones or anything so I defend him and I stand by him as well, too.”

Fox also praised her “Celebrity Apprentice” co-star Keshia Knight Pulliam for the way that she handled herself about the scandal.

“Like a class act. She did. It’s part of it, that they would attach her name to Mr. Cosby because they have history together.”

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  • paige

    Ugh Vivica. I’d say “stick to your day job” but seeing as how those have dried up rapidly and her lack of knowledge about her peers is on full display on Celebrity Name Game, maybe she should just STFU.

  • Mary Burrell

    I feel bad for Vivica when you have be on Celebrity Apprentice with that disgusting Donald Trump. She once had a career and now she has to do reality television. That’s too bad.

  • and now y’all will savage Vivica A. Fox for being honest and truthful with you!

  • Justice delayed justice denied

    Salute to Vivica, Phylicia and Keshia for sticking to the understanding that the man in innocent until proven guilty.

    • right on “FUNDAMENTAL PRICIPLES” without it I dare to think where we would be now.

    • Justice delayed justice denied

      With all the men exonerated by DNA evidence after spending a lifetime behind bars we can just imagine. When will we learn that an accusation(s) is not evidence?

    • Sadly “NEVER” as long as we continue to operate on a highly emotionally level and remain gullible and naïve “NEVER” and that is sad and frightening, it almost as if all the gains our people fought and died for now was for nothing because mentally we have not progress at all we still are taking our cues to destroy each other from our enemy without sane thought!

    • Justice delayed justice denied

      “Taking our cues to destroy each other from our enemy without sane thought!”… deserves to be on a t-shirt because that is who we are up and down the social ladder.

    • YOU GOT THAT RIGHT AND THEY AIN’T EVEN GOT SENSE ENOUGHT TO BE SHAME and there is no surprise why we are our enemy foot stool.

    • Justice delayed justice denied

      I suppose the upside would be that more and more of us are becoming aware of the problem. It won’t be long before we are confronting it head on.

    • I sincerely hope and pray so but I won’t hold my breath! But shouldn’t we be beyond this and working on other problems, out of all we have been thru and all the victory we have won in the pass somehow another I am getting the feeling that we are just a foolish mentally dies people destine to stay on the bottom, again the reason I say that is I have seen a generation of our people fight lose life but win victories kick down doors and make great gains and one of the main ones were to be judge by the same principle everybody else were judge by and that was “a man/women is innocent until proven guilty” and within two generation their offsprings allow themselves to be manipulated by the children of their ancestor enemy into willingly trashing, mocking and throw it all away the gains their ancestor fought so hard for.

  • GeekMommaRants

    I do not want to live in a society where being accused of a crime is the same as being convicted of one. The legal process requires evidence of guilt or innocence.