Willow Smith has sparked another internet photo controversy with her latest “topless” Instagram photo.

In her Instagram profile picture, the 14-year-old is not actually “topless” or nude, but wearing a vintage John Paul Gaultier turtleneck featuring a graphic print of a topless woman exposing her breasts.

Many view Willow’s photo (and shirt) as inappropriate for some one of her age. The provocative photo has people asking if the young entertainer has taken her creative expression too far, many fearing the image can be perceived as the sexualization of a child.

Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith have yet to comment.

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A photo posted by ☮The Modern Hippie☯ (@willowsmithfan) on

Image via Willow Smith/Instagram

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  • Emma Knight

    I love this shirt, I wish it was in my closet. Vintage Gaultier is my absolute favorite. This is a tongue and cheek fashion joke from a Frenchman 2 decades ago. Lighten-up everyone.

    • Jae Bee

      Lighten up?! I hope you understand that there is a MAJOR difference between you (a presumed adult) and a 14 year old CHILD wearing this shirt. I’m sure her age group was not the intended audience that Gaultier was trying to sell this to–let alone to see it being worn.

    • Anonin

      Its like imagining middle schoolers in class wearing breast shirts. No thanks.

    • Anthony

      Or imagine boys in penis pants; we know how poorly that would be accepted.

    • Anonin

      I was going to say that but like everything in art (and life) the female nudity is a more likely option. Like I said lazy titillation.

    • Emma Knight

      It is a long sleeved top with a turtleneck, she is more covered up than most teenage girls living in sunny California.

    • Jae Bee

      No one is disputing that she’s covered up. It’s the image on the “long sleeved top with a turtleneck” that is inappropriate for a child to be wearing.

  • Sheena

    Funny how men can go into any 7/11 and buy breasts, but women and girls aren’t even allowed to wear their breasts. Speaks volumes. Our nudity is fine when it’s for the male gaze, our raw nudity for ourselves is “dirty and shameful”.