ANTM and the star of the upcoming Whitney biopic, Yaya DaCosta has launched an inspiring photo campaign series via Instagram called “#ImEveryWoman” — where she pays homage to women who have been an inspiration to her. Some of the iconic women Yaya covers are Nina Simone, Frida Khalo, Meryl Streep, Naomi Campbell, Lucille Ball, Eartha Kitt and more.

“Alright everybody! Get ready!!!!! So, I wanted to celebrate how Whitney always embraced sisterhood and do a photo series in the spirit of her song, “I’m Every Woman” (which I sing in the movie). This week, I’m paying homage to 8 other women who inspire me and I’m inviting us all to celebrate seeing ourselves in each other- no matter what color we are or where we come from. Join me! #imeverywoman

Check out the #imeverywoman photo series in our gallery!

Image Credits: Yaya DaCosta’s Instagram

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  • Tira Masu

    The pic in the Indian chief head-dress is offensive to native americans. When are people going to get a clue?

    The Lucy pic was my fave.

    • princessdi81

      That was my first thought…cultural appropriation.

    • Anthony

      The Native American headress while basically wearing a thong looks like something from a strip club act. She really nails Lucille O’Ball. Was one person supposed to be Josephine Baker?

  • Mary Burrell

    She looks amazing

  • D1Mind

    So she is trying to look like iconic white women and failing miserably IMO. Why not try and look like iconic black women?

  • drm

    Her hair is always on point.