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Girl, I was rooting for you. That was until you came for Erykah Badu. But even after that, I’m still kinda rooting for you, because you speak your mind and don’t give two flying f—ks about it.

Banks recently tweeted and deleted her dark skin Black girl woes, something a lot of women on her timeline confessed to having:



Whatever you may think about Banks, you can’t say some of the stuff she tweets about isn’t the truth. I’mma pray for her.

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  • K.C.

    Her statement is to be respected because it comes from pain. Fair enough. However any black woman who made it a point of attacking Erikah Badu (a black woman who was all about black woman pride) is to be ignored. Azelia needs good manners and a good talking to. Maybe a good shrink. Whatever it is, she starts beef with too many people. I am sure that comes from a place of pain but she is a privileged woman at the end of the day. You have a lot going for you Azelia. Appreciate it and stop starting fights with people. Maybe they don’t like you Azelia because you are plain rude and immature? Unlike Ms. Badu.

    • Love.tweet.joi


  • Love.tweet.joi

    My advice to Azelia would be to find an excuse to do some work outside this country for a while. Just to get another perspective. I think that some selfless work in another country might lift her spirits.

  • Gray

    Adults must learn to love themselves without seeking acknowledgment from anyone else. Until that point love from others will never be recognized.

    This is why I love the Dove campaign, especially for little girls. Typically there is too much emphasis on looks and overall appearance. Unfortunately, girls feel this the most. She needs to get some help.