Not everyone is happy with Apple’s attempt to diversify emojis. People have complained about everything from the color of the Asian emojis, to the fact that none of the Black emojis have natural hair.

But no one has yet to mention the fact that one of the Black female emoji with dark skin has blue eyes. All Apple did was add a little color to their old emoji and branded them ‘diverse’. Actually, I hate anyone who can’t hold a text conversation without using emojis. If I wanted to chat with someone who texts like my 8-year-old niece, I’d text her directly.

Now that’s keep it #onehundredemojis.

Image Credit: Apple

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  • Certainly, there can be emojis with more diverse images and they can be accurately shown as well. I don’t use emojis. It’s not my thing, but I have no issue with emojis being diverse.

  • John Henry

    I like emojis…sometimes messages get crossed because it hard to display emotions in the message….A quick emoji can drastically change the meaning of a message by allowing you to add your feelings, wether thats : anger, sadness, or wtf, etc..

    For example when you type “You are tripping :)” vs “You are tripping :(” vs “You are tripping :l”

    Its the same words, but different meanings. Times have changed, and I think it is a great evolved communication tool when most of the world communicates with text messages / emails. Emoji’s are not just for kids. Also, I’m happy with the attempt to diversify them. But you are right about the blue eyed thing.

  • G

    While the emojis could be “better”, it’s and emoji. Nothing more.

  • Carley

    They should have left this alone entirely. There is no cost effective and politically correct way to represent every major ethnic group by appearance. There’s a landmine in stereotypes from shape, size, texture and color of features. Go to cute yellow happy faces and primary colored hand gestures.