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“Saturday Night Live” celebrated its 40th anniversary this week with star-studded special that aired live from New York on Sunday night.

In one of the many skits, Jerry Seinfeld and former ‘SNL’ cast member Ellen Cleghorne called attention to the show’s ongoing diversity issues — specifically when it comes to Black women.


Ellen Cleghorne: “I wanted to know, why aren’t there more Black women?”

Jerry Seinfeld: “Oh, you mean on ‘SNL’?

Ellen Cleghorne: “No, in general.”

Ellen Cleghorne: “Because I was in the dentist the other day and I went in and there was only like one or two Black women and I was like, what?” “I was like, wouldn’t it be cool if there were more, like Black women popping out of drawers and stuff?”

Jerry Seinfeld: “I’m for having Black women everywhere.”

Ellen Cleghorne: “How many Black women were on the Seinfeld show?”

Jerry Seinfeld: “Good point, Ellen. We did not do all we could to cure society’s ills.”

After massive backlash over the lack of Black women on the show, ‘SNL’ responded by holding auditions exclusively for Black women in late 2013. After the auditions, writer/comedian Leslie Jones and comedian Sasheer Zamata were added to the SNL family.

Check out the skit below:

Check out some the responses from Twitter:

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