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It looks as though once you win an Oscar and sign on to represent a brand, it’s an automatic financial win for the brand.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Oscar winners “boost a brand’s annual sales by 1.5 percent.” For example, Cate Blanchette’s Blue Jasmin win brought in $37 million for the house of Armani, and Lupita Nyong’o’s 12 Years a Slave award and her signing on to represent Lancôme brought $63 million into the company.

This news may leave brands clamoring to snatch up Oscar winners to represent them, just to line their pockets even more. With Nyong’o signing on to represent Lancôme, imagine how many Black women actually tried their products for the first time. I’m quite sure some of the $63 million had to do with the brand’s ambassador being a Black woman.

And it’s not only Black women as the face of a brand that drives sales. Just look at Lincoln and those god awful Matthew McConaughey commercials. As much as they are annoying to watch, with McConaughey driving and talking to himself, imagine how many people have found a newfound interest in Lincoln’s line-up.

Bringing home Oscar gold, also puts dollars in corporate America.

Image Credits: Lancôme 

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